Searching in Oracle Database documentation

Just a quick heads up with something I see from time to time in Chrome (but not in Firefox or any other browser).

Occasionally when doing a search, the results are not limited as per my criteria.  For example, if I am searching for information about Spatial in the Licensing Guide:


then when I click the Search button, the results might come back with a far broader search range:


If you experience this, there is an easy workaround – simply re-run the search. It only seems to occur (for me at least) on the first execution of the search.  Clicking the Search button again on the page, yielded the correct result second time around:


Let me know if you’ve seen similar behaviour – if it is not just me, I’ll pass it along to the Documentation team.

Happy searching!

Navigating the world of Oracle database documentation

If you head on over to you’ll be both amazed and dismayed by the volume of documentation you can find about the database.  If you’re a seasoned Oracle professional, then you probably dont think twice about finding PIVOT examples in Chapter 18 of the Data Warehousing guide Smile

But for the novice, whether it be DBA or Developer, it can be a bit overwhelming.  One resource that you might find a useful addition to your navigation of the Oracle universe, is the interactive quick reference site.

Just head on over to

You’ll see a screen like this:



You can then click on the various tabs to get more information, plus useful links to other resources that might be useful.  For example, the multi-tenant tab gives you an overview of the facility



Expunging the Expand all

I’m sure many people love the collapsed form of the Oracle documentation, with the associated “Expand All” function…

Me….I hate it.  The first thing I do is click “Expand All” and “Hide Navigation” to make it look like a standard html page and the Oracle documentation of old..

If you’re a dinosaur like me, then you can permanently turn it off – simply go into the “dcommon/js” folder and rename “doccd.js” to something else.