This is where my idle musings on Oracle over the years are posted.  Just like you, my opinions, theories, results and advice change over the years, so please always take note of the date for any post that you read


The opinions and interests expressed on this blogs are my own and do not necessarily represent the positions, strategies or views of any current or previous employer. There is no explicit or implicit endorsement of any kind from any current or previous employer of the content on this blog

2 Comments on “About

  1. Connor – I read your comment in Oracle Magazine:
    “People think that getting the best out of Oracle technology is some sort of mystical art. It’s not. You just need to take a methodical, disciplined approach without resorting to guesswork or unproven claims.”

    So true! I could not have said it better myself.

  2. Connor,

    Enjoyed your presentation on the betting system upgrade bugs fiasco at UKOUG. Sounds like worse than some of my worst nightmares. But I remember hearing some useful tips on how to get appropriate responses out of Oracle Support.

    I’ve had some really difficult experiences with them in the latter half of 2011, with quite important SR’s holding up major projects not responded to for days or weeks at a time, even after escalation by phone call.

    It may be just pot-luck but I’m getting the impression they may have finally sat up and taken notice. On one SR recently I had a response within an hour and they continued to work the problem efficiently. On another current SR they’ve updated to let me know the analyst assigned is on leave and that I should call if I need an update.

    Have you, or has anybody else noticed a similar improvement in responses and practices at Oracle Support?



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