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Just a quick heads up with something I see from time to time in Chrome (but not in Firefox or any other browser).

Occasionally when doing a search, the results are not limited as per my criteria.  For example, if I am searching for information about Spatial in the Licensing Guide:


then when I click the Search button, the results might come back with a far broader search range:


If you experience this, there is an easy workaround – simply re-run the search. It only seems to occur (for me at least) on the first execution of the search.  Clicking the Search button again on the page, yielded the correct result second time around:


Let me know if you’ve seen similar behaviour – if it is not just me, I’ll pass it along to the Documentation team.

Happy searching!


  1. Happens to me too. Some times I also get no results on the first search, hit search agsin and now the results are there. It happens frequently when searching for a specific package, eg. DBMS_STATS. I am using Chrome.

  2. Hello, Connor 🙂

    Aside from Chrome I’ve also encountered the issue you mentioned on IE 11 browser. I guess it isn’t the problem of browser maybe Oracle Documentation website has some weird phenomenon.

    BTW I found this issue a few days ago and just haven’t payed attention to it, because I usually search some oracle dynamic performance view on “” as well.

    Thanks for your this post.

    Best Regards
    Quanwen Zhao

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