“TWP” – technical white paper

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Over the years, as I used to read various Oracle white papers I observed two things.

1) They were often PDFs prefixed with the acronym “twp”, which I assume (without confirmation) stands for “technical white paper”

2) They were often hard to find more than onceSmile

Typically I hence would either bookmark them, or download them, which simply ended up shifting the “find the file” problem to my own PC with its shambles of file organisation.

So I bit the bullet and tried to catalog the white papers (now we call them “technical briefs”) here on the blog mainly so that I can find them again, but hopefully this page might help you as well.

Explain the Explain Plan – Oracle

Oracle MAA Best Practices for Oracle Cloud Backups

Understanding Optimizer Statistics with Oracle Database 12c

Hadoop – Oracle

Optimizer with Oracle Database 12c

Using Oracle Database Resource Manager

Parallel Execution with Oracle Database

Best Practices for Gathering Optimizer Statistics with Oracle …

When to Use Oracle Database In-Memory

White paper: Oracle XML DB in Oracle Database

Oracle Advanced Security Transparent Data Encryption Best …

Oracle Database In-Memory

Oracle Database In-Memory with Oracle Database 19c

Upgrade and Migrate to Oracle Database 19c (PDF)

Oracle Data Mining

Oracle Database 10g: Building GIS Applications

Oracle Database Backup To Cloud: Amazon Simple Storage …

Oracle Database 11g Workspace Manager Overview

Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance – Oracle

Understanding Optimizer Statistics – Oracle

Oracle Database Vault DBA Administrative Best Practices

Oracle Database 10G SQL Model Clause

Integrating Hadoop Data with Oracle Parallel Processing

Oracle Database Auditing: Performance Guidelines

Hadoop and NoSQL Technologies and the Oracle Database

Database Vault Best Practices – Oracle


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