CloudWorld is done!

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Just a quick post with a few highlights from CloudWorld, but really this is all about getting you the slides from my presentations, because I know it can be frustrating when they don’t appear for a long time on the official CloudWorld pages.

So here’s PDFs of my two talks:

SQL Tuning in 45minutes

Futuristic SQL

And of course, a big thank you to all that turned out. It was great to have a full room for both, and especially the SQL Tuning talk which was pretty much the last session of the conference.


If you get the impression that there seems to be a lot of slides with near identical content, when I generate the PDFs I use multiple slides where animations were used during the live presentation. In that, you don’t have any of that frustration where an animation hides the true intent of the slide in the resulting PDF.

Plenty of highlights from CloudWorld for me. It started with a long but lovely flight over. The Qantas people looked after me very well.


The venue was super impressive and I really like the blue redwood theme that we adopted for this years event.


Some friends at Viscosity invited me to the their regular conference get-together. This gave amazing evening views over Vegas (my first visit)


and I took the obligatory “first time to Vegas” tourist shots.



Of course, it was just great to be back in the community and chatting with people face to face. So so so many selfies, so I won’t post them all 🤣




On the final day in Vegas, I joined the ACE program tour to the Grand Canyon.


The only lowlight for CloudWorld… my hotel pillows 🤣

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