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Wrapping up 2021

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Last year I started my 2020 wrap up with “With all the challenges of 2020…” with a perhaps overly optimistic view that 2021 would be a return to normal. Silly me Smile.  Thus I’ll begin my 2021 wrap up with…

With all the challenges of 2021, I hope you have still got value out of my tech content this year. My job doesn’t change – it is simply to make you be more successful with the Oracle Database.

I hope that you’ve found my content this year has helped you toward that goal – it’s been another busy year:

  • Presented 42* conference sessions
  • Published 70 videos
  • Published 80 blog posts
  • Answered ~360 AskTOM questions,
  • Responded to ~670 AskTOM comments
  • Answered 101 StackOverflow questions
  • Launched a new podcast with 14 episodes.

but I’m always keen to hear your ideas, your needs and yes, your frustrations as well. There have been a lot of cool new things in the Oracle landscape this year, and in particular, lots of great leaps forward in the amount of free stuff you can use.

* By they way, for anyone that thinks giving virtual presentations is easier than travelling to an event, out of those 42 sessions, 36 were outside normal business hours and 30 were between the hours of 9pm and 6am my local time.

Its also been a year of loss for us here at Oracle. 2021 saw the passing of Joel Kallman, one of the of original founders of APEX and we also lost Pieter Van Puymbroeck, a long time community member and Oracle Product Manager. The world is a lesser place without them in it.

In whichever way you observe the festive season, please stay safe and healthy, and hopefully 2022 will continue to strengthen our Oracle community.

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