Database World 2021 – now it is your turn

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Thanks for attending my talk on Futuristic SQL during Database World.If you missed it, or want to rewatch it at your own pace and run the demos alongside whilst you watch, you can view it here

You can run all the demos I presented in your own database simply by downloading my demo script from github. It will create the tables needed and load them with the same sample data I used in the presentation.

The key takeaway from my talk is this final slide


These are all features that have been present in the Oracle database for many years, so they’re robust and just sitting there waiting for you to exploit in your applications!

Any questions, please feel to post them here or reach out to me on Twitter. My DMs are always open.


  1. Thanks for the details Connor.

    but this video content and github links were getting blocked in our work environment, where we got an access to latest version of database to play with.

    could you please upload your slides/deck/script to Asktom for us to get it accessed ?

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