(Offtopic) Month 1 is in the books…Thanks Sarah

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Just a quick end of month blog post to give a shout out to Sarah Craynon Zumbrum who posted this on Linkedin a few weeks back.


I think this is a wonderful call to action for an extremely worthy reason, so I figured I should

a) show my support,
b) get my fat ass off the couch and stop blaming lack of activity on a pandemic Smile

Unfortunately the knees put up a very loud (and swollen) protest at burpees, so I had to dial back the commitment to just pushups and situps, but March is now done and dusted. Progress is slow but steady.


I am (of course) keeping track of my progress using APEX on my free tier. (Don’t flame me on aesthetics – I built this in 2 minutes and it does the job!)


Onwards to April!

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