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Most people know AskTOM as the go-to resource for getting answers to the most common and sometimes the most tricky questions on the Oracle Database. AskTOM runs on the robust Application Express architecture, which is a large part of the reason that it has been in operation for over 20 years without any problems in terms of upgrades, obsolescence etc. It just keeps….on….working.

However, you might not be aware of an initiative we launched a few years back called Office Hours. We realised that within the Oracle organization, there is a plethora of subject matter experts that you would benefit from having access to on a regular basis. Some of our product managers already have outward facing roles, so you’ll already know them, but other experts in the organisation were not getting the chance to share their knowledge with the people that deserve it most – you, the developer and DBA community.

So Office Hours was launched. Monthly webinars, Q&A discussions held over Zoom spanning multiple timezones (ie, in your office hours hence the name), multiple topics and multiple experts within Oracle to ensure that you maximize the benefits you can get from the Oracle Database and related technologies.

Nearly three years on, and voila! We are fast approaching 500(!) of these sessions, so the value contained in this content is vast. With the power of the new faceted search facility in the most recent Application Express versions, today we launched the new Video section for AskTOM. Simply click on the Video tab to get access to the complete list of AskTOM Office Hours videos. The joy of faceted search in APEX low code environment simple:

0% code, 100% results, 1000% user experience!




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