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You’ve been to OpenWorld…

You’ve seen the great content…

Networked with the community…

But now you want to keep the ball rolling and catch up with the speakers on twitter.

So here is the mega-twitter list…all the speakers from OpenWorld and CodeOne that provided their twitter handles at registration. Enjoy!

Abhinav Shroff

Ahmad Gohar

aimee pi

Akshaya Kapoor

Alan Williams

Alasdair Nottingham


Alex Keh

Alex Nuijten

Alex Zaballa

Alexander Belokrylov

Alexis Blot Lefevre

Amita Prabhu

Andrei Pangin

Andrejus Baranovskis

Andres Almiray

Andres Galante

Andrew Bohnet

Andrew Guibert

Andrzej Grzesik

Andy Rivenes

Andy Watson

Anshul Gupta

Anthony Tuininga

Arturo Viveros

Ashish Mohindroo

Avi Miller

Baruch Sadogursky

Bastiaan Janmaat

Beda Hammerschmidt

Benjamin Muschko

Benjamin Nothdurft

Biju Thomas

Bill Roy

Blaine Carter

Bob Larsen

Brad Van Zeeland

Brendan Tierney

Brian Benz

Brian Bream

Brian Goetz

Brian Vermeer

Bruno Alves

Bruno Baptista

Bruno Souza

Burk Hufnagel

Burr Sutter

Carlos Chacin

Cathye Pendley

Cesar Hernandez Mendoza

Cesar Saavedra

Charlie Berger

Chip Baber

Chris Bailey

Chris Hollies

Chris Richardson

Chris Saxon

Chris Thalinger

Chris Wilson

Christian Antognini

Christian Shay

Christina Yue

Christine Yokoi

Christoph Engelbert

Christoph Ruepprich

Claes Redestad

Clement Escoffier

Connor Mcdonald

Dalia Abo Sheasha

Dan Heidinga

Dan Koloski

Dan Mcghan

Dan Vlamis

Daniel Bryant

Daniel Hochleitner

David Blevins

David Buck

David Cabelus

David Cross

David Delabassee

David Justice

David Neal

David Pérez Martín

David Stokes

Debra Lilley

Dimitri Gielis

Dirk Lemmermann

Dmitry Aleksandrov

Dmitry Chuyko

Dmitry Vinnik

Doug Ross

Doug Schieder

Edelweiss Kammermann

Edson Yanaga

Eduardo Chiocconi

Edwin Derks

Elder Moraes

Elliotte Harold

Emily Jiang

Eric Grancher

Eric Mader

Eric Siglin

Erik Benner

Erik-Berndt Scheper

Erno Venalainen

Eugene Petrenko

Fabiane Nardon

Fernando Babadopulos

Francesco Tisiot

Francisco Munoz Alvarez

Franck Pachot

Frank Malangone

Freddy Guime

Frederic Descamps

Frits Hoogland

Galder Zamarreno


Gary Grieshaber

Gavin Parish

Geertjan Wielenga

Gerald Venzl

Gerrit Grunwald

Gilles Di Guglielmo

Gordon Hutchison

Graeme Rocher

Graham Charters

Graham Smith

Guido Schmutz

Gustavo Gonzalez

Hari Tatrakal

Hasso Schaap

Heather Goff

Heather VanCura

Heli Helskyaho

Hendrik Ebbers

Henri Tremblay

Higinio Maycotte

Hillmer Chona

Holger Friedrich

Honglin Su

Ioannis Kolaxis

Ivar Grimstad

Ixchel Ruiz

Jaap Coomans

James Calise

James Weaver

Jaromir Hamala

Jasmin Fluri

Jason Williamson @jwilluva

Jason Young

Javier Ruiz

Jean Ihm

Jean-Francois James

Jean-Louis Monteiro

Jeanne Boyarsky

Jeff Haynes

Jeff Kane

Jeff Smith

Jeff Wartgow

Jeffrey Warren

Jennifer Reif

Jesper Wilhelmsson

Jesse Butler

Jim Czuprynski

Jim Daddario

Jim Manico

Jim Marion

Jim Scaduto

Joe Huang

Joe Levy

John Brock

John Jurewicz

Johnnie Konstantas

Jon Huang

Jon Reeve

Jonathan Schreiber

Jorge Cajas

Jorge Quilcate

Jose Pereda

Josh Long

José Paumard

JT Thomas

Julia Kindelsberger

Julian Dontcheff

Justin Lee

Kai Martius

Kai Waehner

Kai Yu

Karen Cannell

Keith Laker

Ken Finnigan

Kenneth Fogel

Kevin Sutter

Kiran Tailor

Kirby Lunger

Kirk Borne

Kirk Pepperdine

Kito Mann

Klara Ward

Kuassi Mensah

Kumar Kandaswamy

Laurent Gil

Lavanya Sallagundla

Leonardo Lima

Lonneke Dikmans

Luc Bors

Maarten Mulders

Maaya Ishida

Mahesh Vallampati

Mala Gupta

Malay Kumar Khawas

Manish Kapur

Marcus Biel

Marcus Hirt

Marcus Vinicius Miguel Pedro

Maria Colgan

Mark Heckler

Mark Hornick

Mark Little

Mark Simpson

Mark Stephens

Markus Kett

Martin D’Souza

Mary Grygleski

Matthew Baldwin

Maurice Naftalin

Melissa Boxer

Melissa McKay

Mercedes Wyss

Mert Caliskan

Mia Urman

Micah Silverman

Michael Duigou

Michael Ferrante

Michael Heinrichs

Michael Hoffer

Michael Huettermann

Michael Kölling

Michael Meiner

Michael Redlich

Michael Rosenblum

Michal Karm

Michel Trudeau

Michele Thibodeau

Mike Dorsey

Mike Miller

Miroslav Wengner

Mohamed Taman

Mohan Dutt

Nadia Bendjedou

Nancy Estell Zoder

Natan Silnitsky

Nathaniel Schutta

Nelson Calero

Nicholas Gardner

Nigel Bayliss

Nikhil Nanivadekar

Nimesh Prakash

Oleh Dokuka

Oliver Greenwood

Ondrej Mihalyi

Oren Nakdimon

Otavio Santana

Ozan Gunalp

Patrick Wheeler

Paul Bakker

Paul Webber

Per-Ake Minborg

Peter Jausovec

Peter Raganitsch

Peter Zaitsev

Phillip Kruger

Pini Dibask

Poonam Parhar

Pratik Patel

Rachel Rose Stump

Rafael Chinelato Del Nero

Raimon Ràfols

Raj Rathee

Ramkumar Menon

Ray Tsang

Rene Mueller

Reza Rahman

Ricardo Ferreira

Rich Niemiec

Richard Fichtner

Richard Foote

Robert Marz

Robert Monahan

Robert Paulin

Robert Seacord

Roberto Cortez

Rod Stuhlmuller

Rodrigo de Araujo Jorge

Rodrigo Moutinho

Roel Hartman

Roger Cornejo

Rolando Carrasco

Rory Preddy

Rose Spicer

Ross Emerton

Roy van Rijn

Ruben Rodriguez

Ruslan Synytsky

Russ Lowenthal

Ryan Cuprak

Ryan Knight

Sai Penumuru

Sai Pradeep Vattem

Saim Kaplanoglu

Sander Mak

Sanjay Basu

Santosh Kandala

Sarah Marion

Sasank Vemana

Scott Felten

Scott Selikoff

Scott Wierschem

Sebastian Daschner

Sebastien Blanc

Sendil Kumar

Sergey Kuksenko

Shaun Smith

Sherri Bartels

Sherwood Zern

Shin Tanimoto

Shyam Varan Nath

Simon Bain @sibain

Simon Law

Simon Pane

Simon Ritter

Simone Geib

Soham Dasgupta

Stepan Sindelar

Stephane Maldini

Stephanie Herr

Steve Cox

Steve Poole

Stewart Bryson

Stuart Marks

Susan Korbey

Sven Bernhardt

Sven Reimers

Sven Ruppert

Sveta Smirnova

Tammy Bednar

Timothy Hall

Tirthankar Lahiri

Todd Bottger

Todd Sharp

Tom Van den Bulck

Venkat Subramaniam

Victor Duran

Vidar Eidissen

Viktor Gamov

Vladimir Dejanovic

Víctor Orozco

Wade Larson

Werner Dietl

Wolfgang Gottesheim

Yogesh Sontakke

Zoran Sevarac


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