OpenWorld is done!

The OpenWorld conference is over for another year. It’s always a thrill, albeit a hard-working thrill, to visit San Francisco and be a part of such a huge event.

I’ll have a full wrap up post and video soon, but I wanted to get quick blog post out there so people could get a link to see the slides from my sessions.

See my OpenWorld 2018 content here

To all those people that attended my sessions, thanks for giving up your time. I hope you got lots of benefit out of the content. And as always, if you have any feedback on what you liked, or how I can make the content better for you, please drop me a comment below.

If you’d like me to speak at your local event, please reach out to me on Twitter. I can’t make any promises – these things all depend on scheduling and budgeting, but I’ll always try my best.

See you at another event soon!

5 Comments on “OpenWorld is done!

  1. Hi Connor,

    Thanks for sharing your presentation.
    What is the function of the HINT_REPORT format option of DBMS_XPLAN in 19c that you mention on slide 145?


    • That kind of information appears to be included in the Dumping Hints section from a 10053 trace file.
      The following extract shows an example of that section:

       Dumping Hints
       atom_hint=(@=ffffffff7b3e26f0 err=0 resol=1 used=1 token=83 org=1 lvl=3 txt=INDEX ("E065" "S05E001_IX02") )

      I look forward to seeing how it will be shown by DBMS_XPLAN in 19c.

  2. Hi Connor,
    I attended a couple of your sessions in the 2018 openworld. You presentation were great. They were short but very helpful and beneficial. Will you publish a grab-ALL of the content for OpenWorld 2018 like you did for 2017?

    Thank you,

    • Probably šŸ™‚ I just need find some time to do it. (It will most likely be a selection of database/developer stuff rather than the entire catalog)

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