Apex Interactive Grid and IOT’s

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I love the interactive grid in Application Express.  And here’s why… (Warning: Ranting mode is now on Smile)

You can tell people

  • here’s an application built with almost no code, in fact, you probably could have built it yourself
  • it’s multi-user, with optimistic locking built in for you
  • it’s secure
  • it’s backed up and recoverable,
  • it’s scales ridiculously well,
  • it doesn’t need any complicated middle tier, or software libraries,
  • it can be accessed anywhere you have a browser…which is…anywhere!
  • it has responsive look and feel,
  • it was built with software that doesn’t cost a single dollar,
  • it centralises the data so you have a single source of truth

and after you have told them all of that….do you know what they’ll say ?

“Yeah…but I like to double-click on a field to edit it…So I’ll just use Excel and store it on my hard drive”

AGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Somebody…..shoot….me……

Interactive grids blow that flaccid argument out of the water!  So get on board to Application Express 5.1+ for some interactive grid awesome-ness.

One discovery I did make with interactive grids, is that if you based the grid on an Index-Organized table, you will erroneously get a ROWID column in your grid



This is not a major drama – just delete the item from the designer and it will still work just fine, and this minor detail is fixed in an upcoming release.

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