UKOUG 2016

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Just a little video montage of the fun and learning from UKOUG.  A great conference every year.

I was fortunate enough to receive a Best Speaker award (from a 12c features talk given at the 2015 conference). I gave three talks, one of which was the Database Keynote for 2016 – I felt very privileged for the invitation to do so.  The slides for the talks can be found on the AskTom site under the Resources tab.

But for me, there were two highlights – one professional and one personal.

  • The professional one was the same as per most conferences – the ability to catch up face to face with IT professionals from both inside Oracle Corporation and the greater Oracle community.  Whilst we all “blog”, and “tweet”, and “discuss” in some way shape or form, you can’t still beat banter over a beer Smile I love it when casual conversation often leads to insights into technical areas that you hadn’t really even planned on chatting about.
  • The personal one was a little surprise my partner Genevieve sprung on me.  Secretly she had booked flight tickets to align with mine, and hence there she was at the airport at 3am ready to jump on board the flight with me to the UK.  It was an awesome early Christmas gift !

If I don’t get a chance to blog again in the next 48 hours, have a great New Year’s eve celebration wherever you are in the world.

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