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As my train whizzes past Conventry, *and* has wifi, it seems a good time to reflect on this years conference.

I’ve always loved this conference.  I lived in the UK from 1998 to 2003, and a RDBMS SIG meeting was my first foray into presenting on an Oracle topic.  At the time, I thought I’d be relocating back to Australia shortly thereafter, so it granted me plenty of leeway for profanity, props and being loose with what I said 🙂

But that set the ball rolling on my love of sharing information with an audience (and whats more, an audience that had a genuine keenness to learn new skills).  I was the fortunate enough for a few years to be funded by the Ace Director program to come to the Birmingham conference.  But ultimately that came to an end, and the several thousand dollar cost of coming to the UK from Perth meant that I had to give up the conference.

This year, as an Oracle advocate, I’ve been fortunate enough to return for the first time in 4 years, and coincidentally I’ve missed the various conference relocations. Hence the ICC in Birmingham, which I know and love, welcomed me back like a prodigal son 🙂

One thing the particularly strikes me about the conference is the Super Sunday series of talks (of which I was fortunate enough to present at).  This is a free extra set of content for conference attendees, but the thing that I love about it – is that people will happily give up their *own* time to learn new things about Oracle technology.  How cool is that ?  I gave a talk on 12c features and the room was full of keen and engaged listeners… on a sunday !  On their own time !  Awesome.

I had a couple of other talks which I enjoyed giving, and I hope others enjoyed attending.  (The slides will be uploaded to the AskTom site once I get back to Australia in a few days).  The funniest moment of the week for me, was whilst I was talking about Flashback and the audience burst out laughing.  It was then I realised that my partner back in Australia had popped onto Skype chat to say hello 🙂

My colleague Chris Saxon also had some talks, and it was great to meet him face to face (seeing as we are in the same team).  With such a large organization as Oracle, its actually a pretty lucky thing to meet members of your own team 🙂  He had his own dramas this week, when his laptop hard drive died the afternoon before his talk.  He handled it very well.

Other than that, it was good meet some more of the Oracle product managers from around the globe, and to catch up with members of the Oracle Ace/Ace Directory community.  Banter, beer and learning are a hearty mix.

As always, if you have any questions about any of my content from the conference, please feel feee to tweet me, or pop a question onto AskTom and I’ll try to assist in any way I can.

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