exitcommit … or your career down the drain

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I recently posted a little video on the ‘exitcommit’ option in SQL Plus, adding a theatrical drama to present a worst case scenario of potentially destroying a Production system.  Take 3 mins to have a chuckle here.


My predecessor Natalka Roshak tweeted an interesting followup that I thought I would share, namely, if you’re a regular SQL Plus user, you should definitely take the time to check out the documentation on ‘exitcommit’ and its relationship to other related variables within SQL Plus.

Because you probably want to make sure you have got everything set just right !



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  1. Why on earth was autocommit invented, to this day escapes me!
    I’m quite sure it’s a flaw in my “bad dba” knowledge…
    Not very keen on exitcommit either, I’ve seen it do bad things indeed.
    Actually raised that concern first to DrDBA (Ken Jacobs) back in the second Australian Oracle User Conference I attended in Adelaide – somewhere in the early 90s.
    He clicked into the danger but did nothing about it, obviously.
    Apparently we were not big enough clients to deserve listening…

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