Lets Talk DB Perth

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Last week in Perth, we held a “Lets Talk DB” event.  This was a free event organised by our local Perth Oracle office (big thanks to Dennis Ward for his organisational skills), where Richard Foote, Chris Muir and myself, spent the day describing some of the Oracle innovations to DBA and Developers alike.  Chris referred to the three of us as the “Coalition of the Delisted” for we are all former Ace Directors, the ‘former’ label being the result of joining Oracle.


Richard’s task was covering database 12c features from a DBA perspective. My task was covering database 12c features from a Developer’s perspective. Chris was the glue in the middle, with an informative overview of Oracle REST Data Services (ORDS).

Interestingly, although ORDS was perhaps the least well known of the subject matter, I get the feeling that this might have been the most important session of the day, because REST/JSON certainly seems to be the emerging defacto standard of database interaction as the world moves more and more to obsession with the devices in the pocket and on their wrist 🙂

Feedback from the attendees was incredibly positive:

-“good level of tech detail”
-“all very relevant. Good that it focussed on some less well known features”
-“incredible informative”
-“It was all very useful”
-“Presenters and slides were well organised and informed”
-“Opportunity to talk 1-on-1 with speakers”

which makes us the speakers and organisers feel great, and inspires us to organise more soon.

Hand in hand with that, was my offer to anyone that attended – if you want more time on the topic of successful development with Oracle, or 12c features…for your own staff, in your timeframe, and at your own site…for no cost, then all you need to do is get in touch and we’ll sort something out.  Our goal is to make you more successful with Oracle.


We’re here to help.


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