AUSOUG conference 2012

Starts tomorrow everyone…

Its about the biggest list of international names Perth has ever seen at the conference:

Tom Kyte (of asktom fame)

Graham Wood (ever used Statspack, ASH ?, …. well, this is the guy you should be sending a “Thank you” card to)

Melanie Caffrey (regular inside Oracle magazine)

the list goes one.

Check it out here

4 Comments on “AUSOUG conference 2012

  1. Would you be happy to share the slide you presented at AUSOUG conference in Perth? We had a bit of technical trouble with the projector there – so didn’t see some of the graphics on your SQL Tunning 101 presentation.

  2. Cool. I’d be keen to see them as well. I really enjoyed your presentations at AUSOUG.

    • I couldn’t find the slide that was presented in Perth yet. Keith, did you find it?

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