UKOUG day 1

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Well, as per normal when attending a conference in another country, it started very early….very early indeed.  4am the body clock decided it was time to get up, so eventually just gave up on trying to get back to sleep and started the day Smile

First up was Kyle Hailey’s talk on SQL Tuning.  Kyle is very passionate about his stuff, and his Visual SQL Tuning is all about graphing rather than “reading” the execution plan.  He was in Hall 1, which this year is projecting the speaker up on the big screen next to the slides…Should be fun for my talk in that room tomorrow !

Next up was my partitioning talk, which went OK, although its one of those talks that just bludgeons people with streams and streams of content and examples. So by the end of the 60 minutes, you can tell when people are “full” and can’t take much more Smile

One thing that’s interesting this year is the size of the exhibition hall.  There seems to be a lot less exhibitors here – I wonder if they this is a reflection of the fact that generally conferences seem to be attracting technical people rather than middle management.  (And technical people don’t have an operating budget, so the exhibitors are not seeing it as a worthwhile investment…who knows).

Here’s a picture of the hall in case anyone hasn’t seen how these things are mapped out:




The afternoon sessions included Julian Dyke and Martin Bach’s talk about clusterware upgrades – both of which tend to mirror the content I’ll be doing tomorrow, namely …. its painful.

(Day 2 and Day 3 will be coming in a couple of weeks….I’m off to Rottnest ( for a couple of weeks – no laptop, no internet…

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