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UKOUG talks for me if you’re keen

Monday 11:05, Hall 9
Partitioning 101

A look at the partitioning options at your disposal in Enterprise Edition from its inception in Oracle 8 up to array of improvements that have arrived in 11g. We’ll look at the various types of partitioning, how to decide whether you should be using it, how to get the best out of it, and where it might trip you up.

Tuesday 11:15, Hall 1
Clusterware upgrade diary

In 2010, a performance issue in the version of the database that a client was using, marked the commencement of a year long struggle to get the desired results, including numerous patches and upgrades. Come for a ride on the journey we’ve just completed – hear about this client’s experiences, and get some advice on how to diagnose performance problems, tackle upgrades, deal effectively with support, how to select the right platform, whilst keeping your sanity at the time

Wednesday 12:30, Hall 5
Optimizer Stats – a fresh approach

The optimizer must try to be all things to all people, and similarly, the collection of optimizer statistics must try to satisfy the needs of all. And many DBA’s just leave it at that. But with a little more effort and discipline, we can achieve much more than a "one-size-fits-all" policy. We’ll look at the tools now available under DBMS_STATS in Oracle 11g to get more stability and better performance with optimizer statistics.


  1. Hi Connor,
    I was really impressed by your presentation at this years UK-OUG on your 11.2 upgrade problems. Thank you.

    We are also experiencing performace issues with Direct I/O on AIX and the Production DBA’s have revereted back to using the OS file cache.

    Unfortunately I did not get every detail down on paper (your presentation skills are really great!) but is there a specific patch for fixing the direct IO/AIX issue which would relate to a non-RAC environment?

    Any help would be much appreciated.


    1. Hi Paul,

      Thanks for the feedback. Much appreciated.

      I’m on holidays until Xmas, so I can’t remember the specific details, and it depends whether you are on 11.1 or 11.2.

      On 11.1, there is a bundle patch for direct NFS – its in my slides from UKOUG which are downloadable. On 11.2, there are a number of fixes that touted to be in We’ve just put that on on Dev environment and we’re watching to see what pans out.


      1. Thats great thanks. I appreciate your quick response especially since your now on holiday.

        I tried to download the slides, but could not locate them either from the UK-OUG site or your own. My Meta-link search also seemed a bit sparse.

        It was so refreshing to se your presentation. Just what the User group should be about (Sharing experiences, recommending what’s good/bad and representing a real-world experience from the end user perspective, rather than a sales pitch)

        Have a great break. …


  2. Hi Connor,

    blogosphere is full of references to this presentation.. I’ve also tried (as Paul did) to locate it on UKOUG site, via google, etc. Do you have any plans to share it?


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