Sample schemas are now easier than ever

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A couple of years back I wrote a post talking about how we wanted to publish the sample scripts in a git repo so they were not bound to database release cycles, but that this led to us being caught between a rock and hard place when it came to the layout of the scripts, namely

  • We wanted to keep them in the format that we originally shipped them in for backward compatibility reasons, but
  • We also wanted them to be easy to install for the novice.

Those two conflicting requirements led me to create the “one and done” quick install scripts that you can find today on my git repo. (Shout out to the all the people that used them and took the time to say “Thanks” via social media).

I also mentioned in the post, that for anyone that had been struggling with installing sample schemas:

We’ve heard this feedback and rest assured, there is a project underway within Oracle to revamp the sample schema offering so that they are much easier to install and use

Now that some of the older releases of the database are totally de-supported, we could now modernise the scripts to make them easier to install. Now you can head over to

to pick up a new zip of the sample schemas. Highlights include:

  • You don’t need SYSDBA access any more, which means they’ll install just fine on your Cloud databases.
  • It’s not all or nothing, you choose which schemas to install.
  • Some additional checks to increase the likelihood of successful installation.

The scripts don’t go the extreme levels of checks that my scripts did, so I’ll freshen up my scripts based on these new ones, so if you’re a true novice, then hopefully my scripts will still be able to protect you from yourself, so to speak 😀. But for the majority of people, the official repo is going to look after you just fine.

Shout out to Gerald Venzl and the team for the progressing this.

Addenda: Apr 20

I’ve now got updated “one-and-done” scripts on my git repo. Look for

  • hr_quick_start_23.sql
  • sh_quick_start_23.sql
  • co_quick_start_23.sql


  1. Thanks for this!

    Are you going to add the COMPRESSION for the indexes? I can use the ROW Compression at the Tablespace Level and so need something else for indexes. Maybe, I can modify the scripts

  2. Good news, it was a really tough chalIange for newbies. Also i took dump of sample schemas and whenever needed i import them. That is another simple approach may be choosen.

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