23c for Developers is HERE

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23c is HERE and for the first time, Oracle is delivering before anything else, a free developers version. Truth be told this post is simply so that I can easily refer back to it for the important links which I’ll list below.  For all the official information, please refer to the official blog post: https://blogs.oracle.com/database/post/oracle-database-23c-free

The landing page for the product is https://www.oracle.com/database/free/ and you get our usual support for the free release via our new APEX-driven forums: https://forums.oracle.com/ords/apexds/domain/dev-community/category/oracle-database-free

You can download the RPM from the download page: https://www.oracle.com/database/technologies/free-downloads.html

or if Docker is more your thing then: 

docker pull container-registry.oracle.com/database/free

To go alongside the new version, we have a freshly updated version of the docs: https://docs.oracle.com/en/database/oracle/oracle-database/23/index.html

and in particular of course:

To kick start your learning of 23c, I encourage you to poke around the documentation and the product for these 23 new awesome features

  1. JSON Relational Duality
  2. JSON Schema
  3. Operational Property Graph
  4. OKafka
  5. TxEventQ Propagation for Microservices Transactions
  6. Prometheus/Grafana for TxEventQ Monitoring
  7. In-Database JavaScript
  8. Annotations
  9. SQL (Data Usage) Domains
  10. Joins in UPDATE/DELETE
  11. GROUP BY Alias or Position
  13. SELECT without FROM DUAL
  14. Table VALUES Constructor
  16. Boolean Data Type
  17. Wider Tables (4000+ Columns Per Table)
  18. Lock-Free Reservation (or Escrow Locking).
  19. Database Driver API Enhancements
  20. DEVELOPER role
  21. Schema level privileges
  22. TLS 1.3 Support
  23. Microsoft Azure AD Integration

23c is here and the future for developers looks awesome!



Oracle Database 23c Free – Developer Release is the first release of the next-generation Oracle Database, allowing developers a head-start on building applications with innovative 23c features that simplify development of modern data-driven apps. The entire  feature set of Oracle Database 23c is planned to be generally available within the next 12 months.


  1. I notice you’ve now given us SELECT without the DUAL.

    Why not also make the SELECT in an EXISTS optional too?

    SELECT *
    FROM Whatever
    WHERE EXISTS (FROM some other table
    WHERE …….)

          1. Same machine. The port problem did come up and so I was starting 21c or 23c as needed

  2. Has anyone else run into strange value for SELECT TIMESTAMP;
    I am getting “oracle.sql.TIMESTAMPTZ@ef7cc5a

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