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2022 – the year in review

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Well, its been quite a year 🙂

Probably the highlight for me, and I’m sure for many others, was the return of face to face events, or just face to face in general. The ability to have regular casual conversations with like minded peers is one of those things that we all took for granted and never realized how much it meant to us until it was taken away. Whilst opportunities were limited, those times I did manage to get to a conference this year, what struck me the most was the euphoria among attendees and speakers. Humans are indeed social beings, and whilst the cliche of IT worker is often that of the mushroom (likes to be left along in a dark space), COVID showed us what a myth that is.

My job is to bring content, education and guidance to the Oracle community to help them be more successful with the Oracle Database. A quick look at the stats gives me pride in that I hoped I’ve achieved those goals for at least some of you this year.

  • Gave 45 conference presentations (including the regular Office Hours sessions)
  • Published 80 videos on youtube
  • Published 52 blog posts (excluding this one :-))
  • Answered 398 AskTom questions and followed up on 700 customer comments
  • Answered 123 StackOverflow questions
  • Published 14 podcast episodes (big thanks to the guests that participated)

I stress, I’m not trying to “content shame” anyone. I have the luxury of doing it as part of my normal working day, whereas many of the people that contribute great Oracle content do it in their spare time, so I’m constantly in admiration of their commitment.

I also threw down 2000 tweets, but its perhaps hard to classify those as entirely technical. They are better described as “pontifications on tech, life, and everything in between”.

But this year I also tried to branch out into the other social media channels, because if we want to bring to Oracle tech to the masses, we need to go to where the masses are.

  • Published 36 videos on TikTok
  • Published 136 posts on LinkedIn along with an additional 17 videos

In terms of what the community liked this year, my most popular blog post was:

How to do a GRANT on an entire schema

The great thing about the popularity of this post is that with any luck it will soon be obsolete. The next major release of the database will finally have native handling for this requirement!

In terms of the most viewed video, it was a tie! (within 10 views)

The first was installing 21c, which shows that whilst cloud adoption continues unabated, there are still plenty of people installing their databases on their on-premises servers.

and the second video was how to use SQL to efficiently do pagination through a set of query results on a page. I’m thrilled that this is so popular because it reflects that developers are realising the value of doing data processing via SQL rather than up at the client software layer, which will always be so much more expensive

Who knows what 2023 will bring? Maybe we’ll all be on Mastodon or some other platform. The great thing about IT is that we are always changing and evolving with the needs of customers and businesses.

I’ve got my own set of goals for 2023, the first of which I shared on my last Office Hours session for the year. How much of that can I achieve? Who knows 🙂 But it is always good to aim for the stars.

Wishing you all a safe and happy holiday season. See you all in 2023!

PS – this post brings me to 53 for the year.  Nothing to do at all with my Twitter exchange with Jeff 🙂


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