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The Importance Of Testing

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In last weeks’ Office Hours session, I posted an “impossible” challenge to two of the most well credentialed Oracle community members on the subject of Testing. Samuel Nitsche and Jacek Gebal bravely undertook a live session of building unit tests for a sight-unseen application.


I provided a data model, some DDL and a PL/SQL package to implement a cut-down version of AskTom – an app that would accept questions, answers and comments. With minimal prior knowledge, Samuel and Jacek had to wander through the quagmire of my lazy design and lazier coding to dig into the nuts and bolts of this application.

You can see how they went in the video below. Perhaps the biggest takeaway from this session is the power and flexibility of the utPLSQL testing framework. It was amazing to see how quickly tests could be built. You can even grab the repo that Samuel and Jacek used which contains the DDL and package for “AskTom Lite”



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