New Podcast Episode! The most important skill you need

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If you’re an Oracle developer, pause for a second and ponder this question: What is the most important skill you need to be a successful developer?

  • Is it database modelling?
  • Is it SQL coding?
  • Is it being able write Java, C#, or [insert favourite 3GL here] ?
  • Is it being able to talk to customers?

All of these are important, but in terms of the most important skill, I believe it is none of these.

I believe the core of being a successful modern developer is something far far simpler. Most of us get into the IT field because we like solving problems, so the most difficult challenge for many of us when we hit a problem that we cannot solve is being able to reach out for help.

You might be surprised to find that being able to ask questions is actually a skill, a skill that takes practice and nuance to master. In this episode, I’ll give you my thoughts on how to ask questions that will maximize your chances of getting the answers you need to succeed in your chosen role.

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