New podcast episode! Testing and breaking things

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I’m a developer. I wrote code, compile code, and ….. then I throw it over the fence to the testers and it is not my problem right? No

Or with the modern trend of automated testing, it is often easy to fall into the trap of relying solely on automation, especially when emotionally as developers we hard-wired to a bias of success. If you write working code, you are valued by your team. Your remuneration and career progression are often linked to working code.

Thus as motivated as we want to be about finding bugs in our code with thorough testing, it is easy to fall prey to writing “blue sky” applications; applications that only work well when the conditions are right.

But part of the developers job is to discover how their code works when the storm clouds hover. How does your code hold up under more extreme conditions? In this episode, I’ll talk about why testing to destruction is an important part of building successful database applications.


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