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If you have worked with Oracle technology you will be familiar with Oracle Magazine. For many of us, it was a regular staple of our business literature.

imageOracle MagazineOracle Magazine

The Oracle Magazine was originally a hardcopy publication that was distributed every few months to anyone that wanted a subscription. Eventually the magazine went online, and articles became available to anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Oracle Magazine, July - August 2007 (Vol. 21, Issue 4): Tom Haunert, David  Baum, David A Kelley, Dr John Quackenbush, Dana Farber, Jesper Andersen,  Christo Kutrovsky, Thomas Kurian, MK Rizwan, Lucas Jellema,Oracle magazine, 2002 Lot Entire Year 6 issues, January through December |  eBay

But of course, as the database technology changes so rapidly, the content of the magazine articles can become out of date, less applicable to the current versions of the database, or just plain wrong! However, rather than erase that historical content, I grabbed a selection of database focussed articles , because they still provide excellent technical content on the database versions of the time, and many of the principles covered are still equally relevant today.

Check out the AskTom archive of articles at


Caveat: No guarantees that links within each article will still work, because this a subset of the full magazine archive, but I’ve done my best. If you hit errors, ping me and I’ll try to correct them.

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    all the value added information were nicely summarized under one link. thanks for that.

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