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I’ve done a lot of presentations over the years, written a ton of blog posts, and over the past  5 years cranked out hundreds of tech videos of my YouTube channel.

But with the current state of the world, I also know that over the last year we’ve been awash with tech content that now comes exclusively over a virtual medium that generally requires us to stop our “day jobs” in order to focus on the content, whether it be a live presentation, recorded video or reading a long form blog post.

Many of us are simply too busy to dedicate that time to the plethora of tech content out there. (I love that there is so much great content, but lament the fact that we never have time to consume it!)

Then a lightbulb moment for me. Maybe the answer to allow people to get their tech content fix without needing to interrupt their daily work lives – and for that, a podcast seems a natural fit.

So I’m just trialling this at the moment, to see if this idea has legs.

Click below to get an introduction to the podcast, plus a couple of episodes. I’d love your feedback and thoughts either here as a comment or catch me on Twitter. If you’re not a fan, that’s cool, but if you like it, we’ll push ahead and make it official Smile

circle_largeThe Spoken Nerd podcast


  1. This is just me! There are four things I really want:
    – find out what is out there! So much, so many channels, some free some not – I’m probably not even aware of great stuff…
    – deduplicate! If someone gives the same virtual presentation three times, where is the latest version?
    – skim! That’s why I prefer written stuff.
    – test! That’s why I prefer written stuff.

    So podcasts are the last channel I would want.

    The content that interests me is just strewn out there, like a library where the books / cds / dvds are tossed onto heaps. I need librarians to create and maintain catalogs. The AskTOM Office Hours are a great example of what I mean.

    This is not just me! If the idea is for people to listen to you while doing something else, that is unhealthy.

    So thanks again for all the content (and the catalog), and please excuse the blunt reaction.

    Best regards,

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