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The Developer Live event for database has concluded. Thank you to the (almost) 2000 people that attended my talk across the USA, Europe and APAC timezones! I very much appreciate you giving up your time to attend the session.

Whilst we were doing some Q&A I tried to add as many useful links into the chat line as I could, to help people with onward learning on SQL performance and database performance in general. A few of you then asked if I could publish that chat as to not lose that information, so here it is below

From Me to Everyone:  04:06 PM
Hi everyone,

Its Connor here. Chris Saxon and I are monitoring the Q&A channel, so fire off your questions and we’ll answer them right here.  Anything we can’t answer, we’ll tackle at a later date.

Sessions are all recorded and will be made available in the next day or so.
Check back on for the recordings.

From Me to Everyone:  04:36 PM

If you want more details on PLSQL, I had a chat with Ace Director Patrick Barel about PLSQL, which you can check out here on my youtube channel
There are more videos on parsing and avoiding the pain of it at my YouTube channel

If you want fun way of explaining array fetching to your development team, here’s a funny video on a real world example

If you want more info on some of these more sophisticated SQL statements, here’s a playlist on analytic SQL

See the full example of how smart the database optimizer is here

How to use FORCE_MATCHING_SIGNATURE on V$SQL. Check out my blog post on this

cursor_sharing can also be used to improve DML (insert/update/delete) performance. Here’s an example

More information on bind peeking and some of the risks that were there in earlier versions problems with bind peeking

And here is how adaptive cursor sharing improves things

If you DO find SQL complex, then here’s a great resource to get up to speed with database developement using SQL

Once again, thanks for attending, and if you the missed the session, here it is below

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