All the OpenWorld 2019 downloads!

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Why dig around for hours in the catalog? Here are all of the downloads registered in the OpenWorld catalog!

You can pick and choose from the list below, or if you want a CURL script that will download the entire set, you can find that here. Enjoy!

BOF1167 Java on Azure BOF,Reza Rahman

BOF1321 Why You Should Be Coding with the NetBeans IDE,Mark Stephens

BOF1336 How to Improve the Quality of Your Application (I Wish I’d Known This Earlier!),Ioannis Kolaxis

BOF1338 Hacking the NetBeans IDE,Mark Stephens

BOF1403 DevOps: State of the Union,Michael Huettermann

BOF2007 Oracle Blockchain Platform Demo with Tokenization Smart Contract Code,Mark Rakhmilevich

BOF2023 Machine Learning Explained with Examples,Heli Helskyaho

BOF2061 Choosing Right Garbage Collector to Increase Efficiency of Java Memory Usage,Ruslan Synytsky

BOF2200 Eclipse MicroProfile: The Present and the Future,Ken Finnigan

BOF2820 Think Twice Before Dropping ACID and Throwing Your CAP Away,Andrew Gregovic

BOF2887 Oracle Application Development Framework Birds-of-a-Feather Session,Shay Shmeltzer

BOF3961 Scale Your Software as a Service to Meet Business Demands,Stevan Malesevic

BOF4115 Oops-less Operation,Christoph Engelbert

BOF4155 Establishing End-to-End Security for a Highly Sensitive Public Sector System,Mohan Krishnappa

BOF4300 From Monolith to Serverless: Real-Life Journeys in Application Development,Mukund Srinivasan

BOF4419 Let’s Have Fun with Reactive Programming, Using Reactor and WebFlux,Shin Tanimoto

BOF5924 Deploy and Manage Enterprise Workloads Efficiently in the Cloud: Best Practices,Kumar Dhanagopal

BOF6279 Oracle Forms: What’s New and What’s Cloud,Michael Ferrante

BUS1488 Automate DevOps Using Oracle and Ansible,Javier Ruiz

BUS1489 Transforming a Fortune 500 Logistics Company’s EPM Processes with Oracle Cloud,Jeff Zeidman

BUS1578 Moment of Truth: Should You Stay (On-Premise) or Should You Go (to Oracle’s EPM/BI Cloud),Opal Alapat

BUS1613 API-Led Integration with On-Premise|SaaS Apps Using Oracle Integration Cloud,Kiran Tailor

BUS1653 Blockchain and End-to-End Audit Trail Validation with 360kompany,Peter Bainbridge-Clayton

BUS1708 Cisco Saves US$20M Using Optimization Tools for Oracle Database on Oracle Linux,Siva Sivakumar

BUS1988 Achieving Massive Scalability and Total Fault Isolation with Oracle Sharding 19c,Kai Yu

BUS2044 Oracle Security Products to Protect Critical Systems and Infrastructures,Alexis Blot Lefevre

BUS2363 Maximizing Data Transfer Performance,Tim Clegg

BUS2367 Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Design Patterns,Tim Clegg

BUS2863 Change Management for System Upgrades,Anita Paye

BUS3113 Revolutionizing Physicians’ Experience and Contract Management in Healthcare,Elina Petrillo

BUS3180 Migrating to Gen2: Experience and Value,Paul Fulton

BUS3331 Reduce Application Downtime During Planned and Unplanned Outages,Eric Siglin

BUS3336 Gain Confidence with Upgrades and Migrations Through Oracle Data Guard ,Eric Siglin

BUS3378 Oracle Analytics Cloud in the Bright Lights of the City of Las Vegas,Raghav Venkat

BUS3427 Crowley Maritime Streamlines Procurement with Self-Service Procurement Cloud,Bobby Smith

BUS3430 Digital Transformation: JD Edwards Voucher Match Automation/Optical Character Recognition,Seth Chaikin

BUS4139 Different Avenues of Time Entry on Oracle Time and Labor Cloud,Shiv Saroj

BUS4162 Modern Marketing with Oracle Analytics Cloud and Autonomous Database Cloud,Tim Vlamis

BUS4697 Build Next-Gen Apps Powered by Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and Oracle Autonomous Database,Souji Madhurapantula

BUS4766 Oracle Multitenant: Seven Sources of Savings,Patrick Wheeler

BUS4949 The Power of Insights: Better Business Decisions with Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse,Kerry Tarr

BUS5280 A Roadmap for Achieving Data-Driven CX,Chris Wilson

BUS5286 Accelerate Your Digital Twin and Digital Design Strategy Using Oracle Cloud,Tejas Karmarkar

BUS5621 Providing Common Defense and Transforming the Workforce: Department of Defense ,Courtney Csik

BUS5741 Accelerate Digital Transformation with Integrated Business Planning in the Cloud,Kiran Saindane

BUS5825 Oracle SOA Cloud Strategic Plan,Timothy Miller

BUS5936 Creating Smarter Cities That Deliver ROI,Susan OConnor

BUS6158 Industry 4.0: How AI Is Empowering Smart Factories and Disrupting Business Models,Eric Prevost

BUS6282 Leading Lending into a Digital and Data-Driven Age,Aubrey Hawes

BUS6285 Moving to Cloud-Based Pricing and Billing ,Akshaya Kapoor

CAS1042 Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse and Oracle Analytics Cloud Boost Agile BI ,Reiner Zimmermann

CAS1042 Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse and Oracle Analytics Cloud Boost Agile BI ,Reiner Zimmermann

CAS1219 Life Hacks for PeopleSoft,Sasank Vemana

CAS1265 Oracle Student Financial Planning Cloud: Moving Financial Aid to the Cloud,Michele Thibodeau

CAS1361 Journey to Oracle Exadata Cloud at Customer,Javier Ruiz

CAS1367 Autonomous Services for Better App Performance,Norbert Busch

CAS1367 Autonomous Services for Better App Performance,Norbert Busch

CAS1437 Database Migration to Oracle Exadata Cloud at Customer,Ragnar Hark

CAS1486 “Always-on” Analytics at Western Digital,Bill Roy

CAS1517 How Circle K Is Changing the Fuel Retail Industry with Oracle Cloud ,Olle Sundberg

CAS1536 Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing Helps Improve Animal Welfare and Food Safety,Ciro Nappo

CAS1569 Sonoma County’s Model for Transforming End User Engagement,Andrea Cameron

CAS1624 Achieving Database Patching Success: Fleet Maintenance Best Practices,Gary Henderson

CAS1642 State of Texas Government: PeopleSoft Modernization on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure,Christopher Pasternak

CAS1787 Oracle Blockchain: Helping Reduce Carbon Emissions and Find the Tastiest Steak,Karl O’ Connell

CAS1918 Accelerate the Journey to Become an Insight-Driven Organization: Oracle Analytics Cloud,Ashish Chhabra

CAS2025 Improve Profitability with Actionable Patient Cost Information,Mike King

CAS2085 Oracle Planning and Budget Cloud/Oracle Analytics Cloud at the University of Pittsburgh,Kirby Lunger

CAS2235 Determining if a Performance Issue Is in Oracle E-Business Suite or the Database,Raman Galla

CAS2355 Los Angeles School District Improves Communications with Oracle Mobile Cloud,Tim Gruidl

CAS2388 How Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse/Oracle Analytics Cloud Can Help FinTech Marketing,Charlie Berger

CAS2415 Healthcare Transformation: Led and Enabled by Disruptive Cloud Technology,Rattan Singh

CAS2553 Global Chemical Manufacturer Leverages Oracle E-Business Suite to Reduce Efforts and Cost,Uday Kumar

CAS2574 Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud: Fast Budgeting Today, Better Planning for the Future,Cameron McClurg

CAS2607 Orange Business Services: Optimized Efficiency Through Project Portfolio Management,Violaine Penicaud

CAS2657 Compliance and Risk Management Realized with Analytics and Integration Services,Simone Geib

CAS2718 Modernizing User Experience for Oracle E-Business Suite – Customer Stories,Shay Shmeltzer

CAS2789 Biotech: Digitizing a Supply Chain,Curtis Wilgosh

CAS2804 Realizing Value from Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance: Eaton’s Journey ,Ajay Padhye

CAS2821 Win the 5G Race with Oracle’s Next-Generation Cloud ,Kk Roy

CAS2835 Strands Brings Personal and Business Finance to Oracle Cloud,Ricardo Vilchez Martin

CAS2838 Santiveri Lifts and Shifts to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure/Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse,Ricardo Vilchez Martin

CAS2855 How a Multicloud Strategy Saved the Day,Aitor Duran

CAS2855 How a Multicloud Strategy Saved the Day,Aitor Duran

CAS2856 Privileged Access Control and Privileged Account Security,Jag Anegondi

CAS3055 Win the Disruptive Technology Race with Oracle Technologies ,Debbie Lakomy

CAS3130 Utilizing Oracle Cloud for Application Development,Anup Ojah

CAS3160 Reducing Time to Deploy Procurement Cloud at FLSmidth with Hybrid ERP,Debasis Ghosh

CAS3268 Securing Oracle ERP Cloud at FedEx,Alex Alayasa

CAS3320 Deutsche Bahn Significantly Increases User Acceptance by Using Paas for SaaS ,Claus Fischer

CAS3343 Ad Hoc On-Demand Data Science with High-Performance Computing,Pietro Lascari

CAS3396 Modernizing the Cherokee Nation’s Technology Footprint with Oracle Cloud ,Paula Starr

CAS3405 DevOps and Agile for Oracle Cloud: How to Do It,Shay Shmeltzer

CAS3408 A Growing Up Year: Oracle Financial Consolidation and Close Cloud and TaylorMade,Lakshmi Devulapalli

CAS3459 New Business Model Made Possible with Hybrid Cloud Powered by IaaS and PaaS ,Mari Brands

CAS3515 Solving Industry Challenges Using Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse,Malay Kumar Khawas

CAS3736 Liberty University’s Path to the Cloud: Saving Money and Improving Performance,Erik Benner

CAS3783 Billboards to Dashboards: OUTFRONT Media Uses Oracle Analytics Cloud to Analyze Marketing,Tim Vlamis

CAS3783 Billboards to Dashboards: OUTFRONT Media Uses Oracle Analytics Cloud to Analyze Marketing,Tim Vlamis

CAS3801 Hilton Case Study: A Well-Oiled Hybrid Deployment,Luke Sinnen

CAS3851 Embracing Oracle Cloud Infrastructure for a Cloud-Enabled Insurance Solution,Abdul Sheikh

CAS3944 Drop Tank: A Cloud Journey Case Study,Timothy Miller

CAS4029 Clear Connection: Global ERP and EPM Implementation at West Corporation ,Josh Scheumann

CAS4039 Office Depot Accelerates Business to Cloud Speed,George Woods

CAS4052 All Analytics, All Data: No Nonsense,Shyam Varan Nath

CAS4053 Energy Transfer Soars to the Cloud with Oracle Consulting ,Ross Emerton

CAS4081 Lead the Way with Multicloud Best-of-Breed Architecture,Kk Roy

CAS4105 Stallion Oilfield Services: Winning with Cloud ERP and Lessons Learned,Steven Bricker

CAS4133 Scale As Needed: Real-Time Streaming with Subsecond Latency on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure,Robert Ronan

CAS4223 ATCO’s ERP/HCM Cloud Journey,Alyssa Lanter

CAS4250 Power of Oracle Cloud: Multipillar and Multiorg Implementation Within Six Months,MANISH POPLI

CAS4272 How Intelligent Global Banking Integration Drives Accounting with Oracle ERP,Geert Mouwen

CAS4299 Enhanced User Experience with JD Edwards: Orchestrator, UXOne, and Social Networking,Krishna Muthuperumal

CAS4672 Office Depot Leverages Digital Assistant to Streamline Customer Service,Tim Gruidl

CAS4886 Creating a Global Digital Modern Finance Platform at FedEx,Michael Dearen

CAS4887 Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Enables Threat Detonation in World-Leading Security Products,Michael Hulton

CAS5037 Achieve Operational Excellence with Oracle’s Cloud-Ready Infrastructure ,Roger Mujica

CAS5038 Same Goal, Different Paths: Destination Cloud ,Antonio Mesa

CAS5042 A Modern DevOps Transformation for a Digital Banking Platform,Ian Remedios

CAS5044 Build the Bridge to Your Future with Oracle Autonomous Database,Nenad Rozic

CAS5296 Proactively Address the Challenges of SaaS Adoption in the Enterprise ,Dimitri Laguna

CAS5335 Simplifying the PeopleSoft Maintenance Process: A Customer Success Story,Sasank Vemana

CAS5337 Thriving with PeopleSoft on Oracle Cloud: A Customer Success Story,Mark Hoernemann

CAS5526 Fireside Chat: Using Smart Data and AI to Power B2B Sales ,Bastiaan Janmaat

CAS5610 Oracle Digital Assistant Customer Panel,Joe Huang

CAS5623 An HR Evolution: Rethinking People, Process, and Technology with Oracle HCM Cloud,Ryan Pickering

CAS5627 The Art of Corporate Innovation: Case Studies from Oracle’s Startup Program,Cammila Yochabell

CAS5700 Customers Share Their Journeys to the Cloud,Basu Bangalore

CAS5729 Building Government-Grade Secure Systems Using Open Source,Honglin Su

CAS6085 The Art of Project Collaboration Through Environment, Contracting, and Technology,Kent DeRusha

CAS6174 Oracle Autonomous Database Provides Key Insights and Opportunity for Innovation,Joseph Chan

CAS6174 Oracle Autonomous Database Provides Key Insights and Opportunity for Innovation,Joseph Chan

CAS6176 How We Do It: Monitoring Databases at Scale Using Oracle Enterprise Manager,Ana Maria Mccollum

CAS6213 Prudential Achieved Standardization and Simplifications with ERP Cloud,Marcin Sagala

CAS6258 Achieving Cloud Scale, Continuous Service Delivery with Oracle Private Cloud Appliance,Sam K Tan

CAS6262 SBI Card Gains Employee Experience and Agility with Oracle Cloud,Pradeep Khurana

CAS6315 A Real-Life Story of the Finance Transformation at Vopak,Margareta Henrich – Quist

CAS6333 Qatar Foundation a Unique Cloud Migration Journey,Christopher Hazel

CAS6361 The Dynamic Project Enterprise with Oracle Project Portfolio Management Cloud,Tom Linton

CAS6362 Setting a Strong Foundation in Arqiva to Drive HR Benefits from Oracle HCM Cloud,Anshul Gupta

CAS6410 Cloud Transformation: Client Journeys to the Ultimate Destination,Robert Barocas

CAS6411 Oracle Cloud for the Staffing and Services Industry: Platform for Growth,Chris Romac

CAS6489 Cloud Modernization Top Down: The City of Atlanta Sets the Standard,Alfonso Pinan

CAS6493 Accelerating Research with Autonomous Database and Machine Learning,David Ebert

CAS6522 Oracle HCM Cloud: A Prescription for Success at UPMC,Gary Bogy

CAS6547 A Back-Office Revolution at Inmar: Automating SCM in the Cloud ,Lance Daugherty

CAS6567 ENECO and Capgemini Implement the Largest Oracle Cloud Project in Dutch Market,Marjolein Holsboer

CAS6590 Empowering HR Transformation: Delta Dental’s Transition to Oracle HCM Cloud,John Joseph Antoniraj

CAS6595 McDermott Case Study: The Journey to Oracle ERP Cloud ,Srinivas Venneti

CAS6662 Digital Transformation: Titan Wheel Evolves into Smart Factory ,Carman Brown

CAS6672 Grow and Control Your Shared Service Center with Automation,Wijnand Heinen

CAS6746 Precision Group’s Transformation Journey Powered by Oracle IoT and Oracle Cloud,Subhashish Panda

CLS4982 Burning Questions for PeopleSoft Executive Management,Alex Man

CLS5657 Interactive User Experience: Siebel CRM Smartphone Application,John Bedford

CLS5658 Adopting Innovation Faster Than Ever,John Bedford

CLS5809 How to Implement Oracle HCM Cloud’s Newsfeed UX,Floyd Teter

CLS6487 Getting to the Cloud,John Cafolla

CLS6591 Keep a Better Pulse on Your Business with Innovative Application Management,Thomas Elders

CON1121 Flow-Based Programming for the Database Using Node-RED,Martin D’Souza

CON1172 Serverless: A Game Changer in Cloud Computing,Sai Pradeep Vattem

CON1173 REST APIs in PaaS for Developers,Sai Pradeep Vattem

CON1232 Moving Your Oracle Databases to Oracle Cloud: Exploring All Options,Alex Zaballa

CON1250 Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing: In Heavy Traffic, Why Drive a Stick?,Jim Czuprynski

CON1263 The Query Optimizer in Oracle Database 19c: What’s New,Christian Antognini

CON1275 Oracle Database 19c Automatic Indexing Demystified,Franck Pachot

CON1370 Oracle Database Security in Oracle Cloud,Alex Zaballa

CON1390 Deciding Whether to Move to Oracle Fusion Cloud SaaS Applications,Debra Lilley

CON1418 Processing Data from Oracle Database in MapReduce,Eric Mader

CON1423 Orchestrating Docker Containers with Kubernetes,Eric Mader

CON1432 Oracle Database 19c: In-Depth Look into the New Automatic Indexing Feature,Richard Foote

CON1447 A SaaS Primer: Getting the Most Value from Your Cloud Applications,Yaldah Hakim Rashid

CON1473 Introduction to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure,Christoph Ruepprich

CON1494 Simplify DevSecOps for Your Oracle SaaS Extensions,Murtaza Amiji

CON1542 Voyage to Oracle Visual Builder Cloud,Karen Cannell

CON1662 Maximize Oracle Cloud with Oracle Developer Cloud ,Roel Hartman

CON1686 Oracle Advanced Compression: Essential Concepts, Tips, and Tricks for Enterprise Data,Gregg Christman

CON2010 Deploy and Manage Enterprise Workloads Efficiently in the Cloud: Best Practices,Kumar Dhanagopal

CON2103 Modernizing and Innovating Claims-Processing Platforms,Michael Wheatley

CON2108 Unduly Forgotten Performance-Tuning Hero: PL/SQL Hierarchical Profiler,Michael Rosenblum

CON2173 It’s All in the Presentation of Data,Biju Thomas

CON2271 Database Migration Methods from On-Premise to Cloud,Marcus Vinicius Miguel Pedro

CON2393 How to Solve Real Business Problems Now with Oracle Accounting Hub Cloud,Mangesh Deo

CON2396 Using a Dynamic Performance Analytics Framework,Roger Cornejo

CON2397 Scale Up Your Use of the Advisor Framework,Roger Cornejo

CON2405 Does the Cloud Mean the End of the DBA? Life After Oracle Autonomous Database,Tariq Farooq

CON2719 The DBA’s Next Great Job ,Rich Niemiec

CON2722 Robotic Process Automation: Lessons Learned,Enrique Barrantes

CON2729 Oracle Database 19c Best New Features Plus Oracle Database 18c/Oracle Database12cR2 Tips,Rich Niemiec

CON2731 A Public Sector Special Interest Group Perspective of Migration to Oracle Cloud,Medik Ghazikhanian

CON2890 DevOps for SaaS Extensions: What’s New and What’s Next,Abhinav Shroff

CON2914 Enhancing Oracle Cloud Security with Machine Learning–Based Intrusion Detection,Nipun Agarwal

CON2934 Histograms (In Oracle Database 11g to Oracle Database 19c) Could Be Your Friend,Anuj Mohan

CON2994 Paths to Cloud Native,Jesse Butler

CON2995 DBaaS with Oracle Database Appliance and Oracle Cloud,Rahel Grzybek

CON3040 100% Oracle Cloud: Registering 90,000 People for CERN Open Days,Cristobal Pedregal-Martin

CON3097 Oracle Visual Builder: What’s New and What’s Next,Brian Fry

CON3209 TTX HR Lays Foundational Tracks for a Complete Multipillar Implementation,Meredith Vaillancourt

CON3218 Building an Effective Security Testing Program,Adam Russell

CON3379 Containing the Opioid Crisis with Oracle Cloud,Maharshi Desai

CON3398 New Oracle WebLogic Cloud Options,Maciej Gruszka

CON3432 Becoming a Maestro at Orchestration: How to Leverage JD Edwards Orchestrator,Tim Randall

CON3481 Minimizing Business Impact with JD Edwards Uplift Upgrade Strategy at Ventura Foods,Deepa Raghavan

CON3597 A Deep Dive into Oracle Database Statement Parsing,Frits Hoogland

CON3701 Stay Out of Technical Debt with Oracle Application Express,Scott Spendolini

CON3976 Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality: The Future of Learning,Maharshi Desai

CON4022 Veritas Migration to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure,Rama Poluri

CON4069 Oracle Analytics Cloud Performance Best Practices and Diagnostics ,Lionel Hsu

CON4073 White House Challenge: Improve Cancer Patient Clinical Trial Matching via AI,Maharshi Desai

CON4225 Using Oracle Enterprise Manager to Manage and Secure Critical Public Sector OLTP Systems,Mohan Krishnappa

CON4357 Journey to Oracle ERP Cloud: Challenges, Achievements, and What’s Next,Sanjiv Kumar

CON4471 Database DevOps: It Is Possible,Stephanie Herr

CON4483 Multitenant 12.1 to Multitenant 18c: Technical Deep Dive,Anuj Mohan

CON4519 Building Event-Driven Architectures in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure,Karan Singh

CON4565 Data-Driven to Insight-Driven Transformation by Oracle Autonomous Database ,Michele Resta

CON4596 The Analytics of Happiness,Dan Vlamis

CON4641 Oracle Net Services: Best Practices for Database Performance and High Availability,Kant Patel

CON4644 Oracle Cloud Platform for Oracle SaaS: Powering Your Innovation Journey,Tanu Sood

CON4651 Build an AI-Powered Enterprise in Oracle Cloud,Aali Masood

CON4661 The Modern Data Warehouse: Any Data, Any Size, from Anywhere for Anyone,Bertrand Matthelie

CON4669 Cutting-Edge New Tech in Oracle Database: Microservices, Blockchain, Streaming,Wei Hu

CON4671 Data Sovereignty and Residency with Oracle Database 19c,Wei Hu

CON4676 Scheduling Millions of Jobs on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure,Arvind Rajan

CON4684 Building PCI-Compliant Environments on Oracle IaaS ,Sanjay Basu

CON4706 JSON Document Store in Oracle Autonomous Database: A Developer Perspective,Roger Ford

CON4710 Top 10 SQL Features for Developers/DBAs in the Latest Generation of Oracle Database,Keith Laker

CON4711 A New Approach to Simplifying Complex SQL,Keith Laker

CON4713 Oracle Essbase 19c: Roadmap on the Cloud,Raghuram Venkatasubramanian

CON4716 Roadmap for Oracle Big Data Appliance and Oracle Big Data Cloud Service,Martin Gubar

CON4717 Remove Silos and Query the Data Warehouse, Data Lake, and Streams with Oracle SQL,Martin Gubar

CON4718 Road to Success for Big Data Implementations,Alexey Filanovskiy

CON4719 Oracle Machine Learning: Overview of New Features and Roadmap,Mark Hornick

CON4733 Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse: How to Connect Your Tools and Applications,George Lumpkin

CON4758 Next-Generation Scale: How T-Mobile Uses Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database,Sam Drake

CON4759 Oracle Data Caching: An eBay Perspective,Santosh Karnik

CON4771 18 Methods to Migrate Your Database to Oracle Cloud,Malay Kumar Khawas

CON4785 Choosing and Using the Best Performance Diagnostics Tools for Every Situation,Mike Hallas

CON4788 Real-World Performance Techniques for Extreme Data Warehousing,Juergen Mueller

CON4790 Real-World Techniques for Extreme OLTP Performance,Mike Hallas

CON4794 Database Releases and Strategies for Maintenance,Anjala Mangal

CON4801 Security Architecture for Oracle Database Cloud,Tammy Bednar

CON4879 Delivering IaaS with Oracle Private Cloud at Customer Using Oracle Enterprise Manager,Simon Hayler

CON4924 Leveraging Emerging Technology to Create Tomorrow’s HR, Today,Kai Petzelt

CON4936 Value Realization of EPM in the Cloud,Jennifer Toomey

CON4937 Empowering the Customer Through Time to Value with B2B Ecommerce,Alex Love

CON4938 Unify Your Customer Intelligence for the AI Era ,Joe Fuster

CON4942 Driving Value in Business Analytics with Machine Learning,Mitch Campbell

CON5031 Enjoy SaaS Business Benefits: Leave Technical Details to the Support Experts,Jim Goodman

CON5035 It’s Not Will, But Planning That Counts: Moving Business Applications to the Cloud,Chad Archibald

CON5040 Targeted Application Solutions for Today’s Most Robust Infrastructure,Tony Gray

CON5046 Drive DBA Readiness for Hybrid Cloud with Oracle Database 19c,Michael Weick

CON5059 Oracle Autonomous Database: Best Practices to Enhance Scalability and Performance,Scott Jesse

CON5062 Best Practices for Securing Access to Oracle Data,Michelle Chan

CON5068 Backups on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure: Create, Manage, and Troubleshoot,Balaji Salem Balasundaram

CON5075 Exadata Cloud at Customer on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure: Features and Scalability,Mathew Steinberg

CON5076 Explore Oracle’s Platinum Support Benefits and New Digital Customer Experience,Marc Lamarche

CON5078 Financial Approval Workflow Configuration in ERP: Best Practices, Tips, and Tricks,Gabriela Patrascu

CON5079 Oracle Fusion Tax: Overview, Features, and Best Practice,Tota Tota

CON5085 Managing Session Count for Oracle Service Cloud,Marie Lockhart

CON5085 Managing Session Count for Oracle Service Cloud,Marie Lockhart

CON5100 Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Management and Administration Using Command Line,Ameet kumar Nihalani

CON5102 Oracle Applications Monitoring Service for Oracle E-Business Suite,Andrew Lumpe

CON5105 Deploying Oracle WebLogic Server Applications on Kubernetes and Oracle Cloud,Monica Riccelli

CON5107 Oracle Fusion Middleware Running on Kubernetes,Tony Vertenten

CON5108 Oracle Database 19c: Performance Considerations Before Upgrading,Soumendra Paik

CON5119 The Missing Piece to Your Oracle E-Business Suite Period Close Process,Jonathan Janaitis

CON5120 Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance: Protected Database Management Made Easy,Sean Connolly

CON5124 Building Cloud Native Applications with Helidon,Dmitry Kornilov

CON5134 Best Practices for Monitoring Your Hybrid On-Premise and Cloud Environments,Ana Maria Mccollum

CON5135 Operating Oracle Coherence Microservices with Kubernetes on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure,Randy Stafford

CON5137 Smart, Secure, and Lean Database Monitoring with Oracle Enterprise Manager,Yutaka Takatsu

CON5138 Integrating Oracle WebLogic Server Applications and Helidon Microservices,Maciej Gruszka

CON5144 Understanding the Importance of Oracle E-Business Suite Analyzer Diagnostics ,Andrew Lumpe

CON5146 Securing Oracle WebLogic Server Environments,Will Lyons

CON5153 Kubernetes: The Glue Between Oracle Cloud and CERN Private Cloud,Monica Riccelli

CON5154 Unleash the Power of JD Edwards Orchestrator,Terry Pasqua

CON5157 A Customer’s Journey to Migrate On-Premise Applications to Kubernetes,Monica Riccelli

CON5158 Ultimate Java App Diagnostics: Sniffing, Sampling, and Bytecode Instrumentation,Avi Huber

CON5160 Upgrading and Maintaining Siebel CRM in the Cloud or On-Premise,Patrick Flynn

CON5169 Deliver Better Apps with Complete Visibility from Oracle Database to End User,Avi Huber

CON5173 Top Five Things You Should Be Doing in Oracle Enterprise Manager,Courtney Llamas

CON5179 Extreme Exadata: Top 10 Analytics Techniques to Maximize Performance,Erik Benner

CON5180 Database Management in DevOps Environments with Advanced Analytics,Ashish Agrawal

CON5215 Orchestrating Oracle Exadata Cloud at Customer Using Terraform, Python, and REST APIs,Rachna Thusoo

CON5222 Next-Generation Oracle Exadata Cloud at Customer 101,Rachna Thusoo

CON5224 Rich, Secure, and Flexible Database Service with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Capabilities,Vineet Kakani

CON5287 Accelerate Database Performance and Efficiency on Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance,Akshay Shah

CON5290 Automating Workload Migration to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure,Simon Coter

CON5300 Open Container Virtualization: Security of Virtualization, Speed of Containers,Simon Coter

CON5305 How You Can Benefit from Oracle Cloud at Customer and Hybrid Cloud ,Vasu Rao

CON5326 Monitor Oracle ERP: Custom Monitoring and Real User Experience Insights,Santhosh Reddy Chereku

CON5342 Oracle Solutions: Targeted, Customer-Inspired Architectures and Design Patterns ,Deborah Steiner

CON5349 How to Build an Effective Cloud Strategy ,Michael Owens

CON5351 Soar to Autonomous: Your How-To Guide for Implementation Success,Kerry Tarr

CON5389 High-Performance Apps: Oracle Private Cloud Appliance/Oracle Private Cloud at Customer ,Steve Callahan

CON5392 Disaster Recovery on Oracle Private Cloud Appliance/Oracle Private Cloud at Customer ,Shekhar Borde

CON5404 Oracle ERP Cloud and Oracle EPM Cloud Pave the Way for a New Finance Operating Model ,Di Seghposs

CON5439 Leveraging Your Content to be Your Best Seller,Kamal Kapur

CON5441 Move and Improve Your Oracle E-Business Suite to Oracle Cloud: Strategy and Updates,Nadia Bendjedou

CON5443 Planning Your Oracle E-Business Suite Upgrade from Release 12.1,J. Anne Carlson

CON5444 Oracle E-Business Suite: What’s New in Release 12.2 Beyond Online Patching,Jeanne Lowell

CON5445 Empowering Oracle E-Business Suite User Experience: Data Discovery and Visualization,Muhannad Obeidat

CON5447 Oracle E-Business Suite Technology Strategy and Updates,Lisa Parekh

CON5449 Deploying Oracle E-Business Suite On-Premise and in Oracle Cloud,Santiago Bastidas

CON5455 Migrating and Managing Customizations for Oracle E-Business Suite 12.2,Santiago Bastidas

CON5459 Oracle E-Business Suite Financials: Strategy and Updates,Simer Sahani

CON5460 Oracle E-Business Suite: More Power to Handle Project Revenue and Invoice Accounting,Lakshmana Ravula

CON5465 Oracle E-Business Suite: New Consumer-Like Shopping Experience for Employees,Suresh Arunachalam

CON5467 Oracle E-Business Suite Project: Accuracy, Completeness, and Timeliness in Cost Accounting,Lakshmana Ravula

CON5468 Oracle E-Business Suite: Enterprise Asset Management Strategy and Updates,Lenore Siegler

CON5469 Transform Asset Management with Oracle E-Business Suite Mobile Maintenance,Lenore Siegler

CON5470 Increase Maintenance Maturity with Oracle Enterprise Asset Management 12.2,Arunkumar Kaliappan

CON5471 Oracle E-Business Suite: Logistics Product Family Strategy and Updates,Bill Reilly

CON5472 Optimize Pick Pack and Ship with Oracle E-Business Suite Warehouse Management,Bill Reilly

CON5473 Smart Warehousing Using Oracle E-Business Suite Inventory Management Command Center,Bill Reilly

CON5474 Oracle Channel Revenue Management: Strategy and Updates,Earl Eldridge

CON5475 Oracle E-Business Suite Service Family: Strategy and Updates,Steve Tonas

CON5476 Oracle E-Business Suite Order Management Family: Strategy and Updates,Earl Eldridge

CON5477 Tips and Tricks with Oracle E-Business Suite Order Management,Subhra Datta

CON5478 Oracle E-Business Suite Order Management Enterprise Command Center,Shankar Bharadwaj

CON5483 Oracle E-Business Suite Human Capital Management: Strategy and Updates,Subraya Yeltimar

CON5484 Oracle E-Business Suite Payroll and Benefits: Strategy and Updates,Subbu Kuttetira

CON5485 Learn About Data Privacy and Data Protection in Oracle E-Business Suite HCM,Subbu Kuttetira

CON5501 A Unified Platform for All Data,Peter Jeffcock

CON5502 Use Machine Learning to Maximize the Value of Your Existing Data,Wes Prichard

CON5503 Demystifying Graph Analytics for the Nonexpert,Peter Jeffcock

CON5504 Oracle’s Comprehensive Machine Learning Platform,Wes Prichard

CON5517 The Science of CX: Building an AI and Smart Data Strategy,Alasdair Bailey

CON5545 Five Habits to Increase Oracle Cloud IQ: Gain the Most from Your Oracle Investment,D.J. Hoelscher

CON5571 Have No Fear: Get Ready to Move to Oracle HCM Cloud Part 1,Amy Kust

CON5572 Have No Fear: Get Ready to Move to Oracle HCM Cloud Part 2,Amy Kust

CON5578 Moving to Self-Sufficiency in a Cloud World,Tammie Potvin

CON5580 Using the New Administrator Capabilities Within Oracle Learning Cloud,Amy Kust

CON5581 Configuring and Using Strategies in Advanced Collections,Cristian Ramirez

CON5605 Oracle Customer Experience Unity: Building and Activating a Connected Customer Profile,Kartik Ramakrishnan

CON5608 Collect Data, Optimize Performance, and Build Better Digital Assistants Faster,Tim Gruidl

CON5616 Five Crucial Ways Oracle Digital Assistant Will Transform Your Enterprise Applications,Srikant Subramaniam

CON5618 Oracle Digital Assistant at Oracle,Kate To

CON5631 Customer Panel: End Data Loss and Speed Recovery with Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance,Donna Cooksey

CON5631 Customer Panel: End Data Loss and Speed Recovery with Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance,Donna Cooksey

CON5631 Customer Panel: End Data Loss and Speed Recovery with Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance,Donna Cooksey

CON5635 Managed Cloud Services on Oracle Cloud,Girish Ahuja

CON5636 Replatform as a Component of Your Oracle Cloud Migration Strategy,Chris Mcdermott

CON5684 Oracle E-Business Suite: New Command Centers for Managing Procurement and Projects,Athmaraman Rajagopalan

CON5685 Effectively Manage Outsourced Manufacturing Activities Within Oracle E-Business Suite,Nikhil Tungare

CON5719 CX Innovations for Public Sector,Vinay Iyer

CON5740 Get More Out of Oracle Demand Management Cloud,Kiran Saindane

CON5753 Benefits of a Fully Integrated Cloud Solution with HCM, PPM, ERP: Vanderbilt University,John Cafolla

CON5772 Onboard Employees Faster by Connecting HCM with Benefits, Payroll, and Directories,Jon Huang

CON5773 Customer 360 Across Sales, Service, Marketing, and Commerce with Oracle Integration,Jon Huang

CON5793 How Blockchain Will Revolutionize Multi-Enterprise Supply Chain Networks,Michael Richter

CON5826 Oracle SOA Suite Everywhere (Containers, Cloud, On-Premise),Kathryn Lustenberger

CON5916 Strategic Considerations to Achieve Business Impact with Cloud Native Projects,Mickey Bharat

CON5918 Key Steps to Securing Business-Critical Applications,Bruce Lowenthal

CON5965 Delivering a Unified and Consistent Enterprise Cloud: An Operational Perspective,Monika Thakur

CON6084 Trust, Adoption, and Data Neutrality: The Keys to Engineering Project Success,Oliver Greenwood

CON6098 How Retailers and Brands Can Take Advantage of Blockchain,Gerald Poncet

CON6149 Choosing the Right Platform to Successfully Mitigate Robocalls,Robert Mcculley

CON6223 Setting Up Modern Anti-Money-Laundering Solutions to Service Wholesale,Julien Mansourian

CON6325 Financial Services Showcase: The Art of the Possible,Parvez Ahmad

CON6366 Intelligent Approach to Risk-Aware Accounting for the Adoption of IFRS 17/LDTI,Subin Paul

CON6374 Winning with Analytics: Strategy and Roadmap for Oracle Analytics for Applications,Rohan Lobo

CON6375 The Future of Analytics: Strategy and Roadmap for Oracle Analytics Cloud,Gabby Rubin

CON6377 The Future of Analytics: Strategy and Roadmap for Oracle Analytics Cloud,Gabby Rubin

CON6379 Oracle Analytics: Start your Augmented Analytics and AI Journey,Benjamin Arnulf

CON6384 Embed Analytics in Your Daily Decisions with Oracle Analytics Developer Capabilities ,Matt Milella

CON6392 The Last Mile: Why Collaboration Is Essential to Achieving Value with Analytics,Rich Clayton

CON6394 Your Analytics Guide: Perficient Implementation Case Study,Mazen Manasseh

CON6402 Adventist Health Uses Analytics Cloud to Combat Common Analytics and Reporting Challenges,Edward Roske

CON6403 Oracle Analytics and Artificial Intelligence at Scale with the State Of Maine,Jeffrey Jordan

CON6404 Modern Analytics Implementation with Maritz,Ronald Hunsaker

CON6405 Oracle Analytics Cloud for Brazilian Tax Savings and Tax Intelligence,Menotti Franceschini

CON6406 Become a Data Scientist,Francesco Tisiot

CON6407 The Washington Post Implements Oracle Enterprise Planning and Budgeting Cloud Financials,Opal Alapat

CON6408 How to Master your Oracle Analytics Implementation: Customer Case Study Panel,Raghav Venkat

CON6430 Oracle E-Business Suite: Kickstart Innovation with an Oracle Database 19c Upgrade,Don Masterson

CON6432 Managing Business Services in the Cloud: Next-Gen Application Development and Maintenance,Bala Vaidyanathan

CON6434 Zero Downtime Database Migration to Oracle Cloud,Sam Ravindhran

CON6497 The Java Landscape from an Enterprise Perspective,Brian Cox

CON6518 Designing Oracle E-Business Suite Controls and Application Security Best Practices,Mike Miller

CON6545 Modern Finance Automation by Connecting Third-Party Data with Oracle ERP,Jon Huang

CON6585 Soar to the Cloud: Modernize Your Business with Automated Cloud Migration,Ross Emerton

CON6620 Oracle on Azure: An Overview ,Romit Girdhar

CON6664 Connecting On-Premises Oracle Database to Apps in the Cloud via Equinix,Jim Scaduto

CON6675 Cracking the Code in Education with Augmented Analytics,Rich Clayton

DEV1049 Jakarta EE: A Quick Overview,Phillip Kruger

DEV1052 Top 10 Key Performance Techniques for Web and Hybrid Mobile Apps,Mohamed Taman

DEV1072 Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse/Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing Machine Learning,Brendan Tierney

DEV1076 Duke Goes Serverless: Fully Functional with Fn Project and Oracle Cloud,Ivar Grimstad

DEV1111 Machine Learning Applied: Tabular Dataset Models and Sentiment Analysis,Andrejus Baranovskis

DEV1122 Oracle Database Build Process,Martin D’Souza

DEV1124 Building a DSL with GraalVM,Maarten Mulders

DEV1132 What’s New with Apache Spark on Kubernetes,Bob Treacy

DEV1149 Sarcasm as a Service,Rory Preddy

DEV1151 Take Advantage of MicroProfile Benefits in Your Monolithic Applications,Víctor Orozco

DEV1155 Bust the Burglars: Machine Learning with TensorFlow and Apache Kafka,Erik-Berndt Scheper

DEV1180 Tooling for IntelliJ Platform Plugins,Yann Cébron

DEV1184 Unleashing Apache Kafka and TensorFlow in Public Cloud and Hybrid Architectures,Kai Waehner

DEV1185 Streaming Machine Learning with Python, Jupyter, TensorFlow, Apache Kafka, and KSQL,Kai Waehner

DEV1187 Apache Kafka Versus Integration Middleware (MQ, ETL, ESB): Friends or Enemies?,Kai Waehner

DEV1214 Machine Learning in Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse,Brendan Tierney

DEV1217 Traffic Routing with Istio on Oracle Cloud,Peter Jausovec

DEV1228 Reliable Code for the Cloud with MicroProfile and OpenTracing,Brian Benz

DEV1242 Let’s Get Started with Oracle Database Cloud Service: A Developer’s Perspective,Alex Zaballa

DEV1260 Machine Learning for Java Developers in 45 Minutes,Zoran Sevarac

DEV1262 Exceptions 2020,Michael Duigou

DEV1279 Twenty Features You Will Miss If You Leave Oracle Database,Franck Pachot

DEV1301 Java Modules in Practice with Spring Boot,Jaap Coomans

DEV1307 How I Automated My Barn with Raspberry Pi, Kafka, Kubernetes, and Autonomous DB,Todd Sharp

DEV1308 Delivering Developer Tools at Scale: Microsoft Azure and Oracle Cloud Perspectives,Joe Levy

DEV1312 Untangling the Mysteries of Qubits,Roy van Rijn

DEV1346 Keeping Your Caches Hot with Apache Kafka and the Connector API,Ricardo Ferreira

DEV1348 JavaScript Development on Steroids with Oracle Visual Builder,Andrejus Baranovskis

DEV1375 Java IDE Wars,Kenneth Fogel

DEV1383 Jakarta EE Recipes,Reza Rahman

DEV1391 Beyond Jakarta EE 8,Mark Little

DEV1392 Software Transactional Memory and Microservices: A Match Made in Heaven,Mark Little

DEV1404 The Silence of the Lambs: Introducing Security in Continuous Delivery Pipelines,Michael Huettermann

DEV1491 Rapid App Development for the JavaScript/REST Generation,Shay Shmeltzer

DEV1543 Know Your Browser Dev Tools!,Daniel Hochleitner

DEV1573 Creating a Cloud Native Microservice: Which Programming Model Should I Use?,Emily Jiang

DEV1587 You Can Write a Garbage Collector for HotSpot in 30 Minutes Too,Jonathan Lu

DEV1631 MySQL 8.0 Features for Developers,David Stokes

DEV1664 Path to Resilient and Observable Microservices and Functions,Peter Jausovec

DEV1716 Automated Delivery in the Data Warehouse,Jasmin Fluri

DEV1723 A Billion Goods in a Few Categories: When Optimizer Histograms Help and When They Don’t,Sveta Smirnova

DEV1736 Print and Export Data in the Format You Want (pptx, xlsx, pdf, …),Dimitri Gielis

DEV1751 Navigating in Stormy Waters: An Approach to Traffic Management with Istio,Laurentiu Spilca

DEV1776 Descending the Testing Pyramid: Effective Testing Strategies for Microservices,Chris Richardson

DEV1780 Decompose Your Monolith: Strategies for Migrating to Microservices,Chris Richardson

DEV1788 Organizing JUGs and Conferences: The World View from Guatemala, Turkey, and Canada,Mert Caliskan

DEV1798 Automate the Operation of Your Oracle Cloud Infrastructure 2.0,Nelson Calero

DEV1804 Changing Wheels on a Moving Car: From Monolith to Microservices with APIs,Vladimir Dejanovic

DEV1805 Building a Continuously Updating Large Java Codebase with Bazel,Natan Silnitsky

DEV1810 Ansible, the Tool That Should Be in the Toolbox of Every DevOps Developer,Vladimir Dejanovic

DEV1835 The Wizard of ORDS,Roel Hartman

DEV1835 The Wizard of ORDS,Roel Hartman

DEV1846 Cloud Native Infrastructure with Terraform, Kubernetes, and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure,Arturo Viveros

DEV1857 Kotlin for Java Developers,Eugene Petrenko

DEV1878 Reactive Performance on GraalVM,Chris Thalinger

DEV1969 Choosing the Right Java Vendor and Strategy,Jeanne Boyarsky

DEV2034 What’s New in MySQL 8.0 Security?,Mike Frank

DEV2037 The MySQL Security Model in Oracle Cloud,Airton Lastori

DEV2054 Foreign Key Support in MySQL 8.0: Change, Opportunities, and More…,David Stokes

DEV2056 MySQL Shell: The Best DBA Tool? How to Use MySQL Shell as a Framework for DBAs,Frederic Descamps

DEV2066 MySQL InnoDB Cluster: Management and Troubleshooting with MySQL Shell ,Miguel Araujo

DEV2071 Rendered Real-Time Web Art: A Performance Compendium,Raimon Ràfols

DEV2077 What’s New in MySQL Optimizer and Executor?,Mirko Ortensi

DEV2086 One Tool to Rule Them All: How CERN Runs Application Servers on Kubernetes,Antonio Nappi

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DEV2126 Getting Started with Deep Learning for Enterprise Java Developers,Zoran Sevarac

DEV2132 Powering a Build Pipeline with Docker and Jenkins,Benjamin Muschko

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DEV2207 Configuration: JSR 382,Emily Jiang

DEV2293 Data Virtualization: Where Does It Fit in a Data Architecture?,Hasso Schaap

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DEV2316 Introduction to JDK Mission Control and JDK Flight Recorder,Marcus Hirt

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DEV2499 Lessons Learned in Modernizing User Interfaces with Oracle JET,Mark Simpson

DEV2508 Web Components: Tools and Techniques,Geertjan Wielenga

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DEV2554 NDB, Simply the World’s Highest-Throughput Transactional Datastore,Mirko Ortensi

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DEV2662 Oracle Cloud Soaring: Applying Blockchain and Microservices in Oracle Cloud,Guido Schmutz

DEV2677 Oracle APEX Debugging 101,Peter Raganitsch

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DEV2801 Seventeen Things Developers Need to Know About MySQL ,Peter Zaitsev

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DEV2903 Easy Developer World: Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse/Autonomous Transaction Processing,Rich Niemiec

DEV2912 Progressive Web Applications Versus Native: Choosing the Right Option,Laura Akel

DEV2968 Data Patterns in Microservice and Serverless Applications,Ryan Knight

DEV3011 Arranging Database Changes for Zero-Downtime Deployments,Jason Young

DEV3013 MySQL 8.0: The New Replication Features ,Luis Soares

DEV3016 Group Replication: How I Stopped Worrying About Consistency and Focused on Building Apps,Luis Soares

DEV3019 Instance Provisioning in MySQL InnoDB Cluster ,Luis Soares

DEV3037 Building Microservices with Micronaut: A Full-Stack JVM-Based Framework,Michael Redlich

DEV3042 Automated Machine Learning ,Charlie Berger

DEV3108 Harnessing Location with Node.js and Oracle Database,Siva Ravada

DEV3121 Oracle Exadata Cloud Services Guide from Practical Experience,Nelson Calero

DEV3217 Hunting Down Scalability Bottlenecks in Java,Sergey Kuksenko

DEV3219 Does Java Need Value Types? What They Give Java from a Performance Perspective,Sergey Kuksenko

DEV3221 Master Cloud Native Java with IntelliJ: Deploy and Debug Your Code on Kubernetes,Ivan Portyankin

DEV3227 SQL Developer Tips and Tricks,Jeff Smith

DEV3232 Extending Liquibase for Oracle Database,Jeff Smith

DEV3237 Database Management REST APIs,Colm Divilly

DEV3239 An Introduction to Oracle REST Data Services,Colm Divilly

DEV3246 Building Oracle Application Express Applications on Remote Datasources with REST APIs,Marc Sewtz

DEV3293 Uphill Battle of Mobile Visual Regression,Dmitry Vinnik

DEV3297 Modern Web Testing: Going Beyond Selenium,Dmitry Vinnik

DEV3407 Condy? NestMates? Constable? Understanding JDK11 and JDK12’s JVM Features,Dan Heidinga

DEV3440 Securing Microservices in Less Than 40 Minutes with Auth0 and MicroProfile,Ondrej Mihalyi

DEV3460 Improving Observability in Your Application with JFR and JMC,Mario Torre

DEV3463 Vector API,Vladimir Ivanov

DEV3465 Five Recipes for Building Elastic and Cloud-Ready Apps,Ondrej Mihalyi

DEV3609 In-Memory Computing: The Big Picture,Markus Kett

DEV3631 Your Java Code Just Needs a Little Injection: It Won’t Hurt!,Gordon Hutchison

DEV3633 Deep Learning with COZMO,Heli Helskyaho

DEV3646 JavaFX 11 on Mobile, Leveraging GraalVM,Jose Pereda

DEV3648 Java from Edge to Cloud,Jose Pereda

DEV3727 Make Data Scientists Happy: Polyglot Database Functions and Procedures on GraalVM,Michael Simons

DEV3744 Streamline Integration Testing with Testcontainers,Kevin Sutter

DEV3764 Development Horror Stories,Roberto Cortez

DEV3790 GraalVM and Microservices: The Last Crusade,Cesar Hernandez Mendoza

DEV3850 Feeling Slow? Put Some Cache on Your JPA (HotSpot|GraalVM),Galder Zamarreno

DEV3858 Want to Succeed with TDD? Stop Writing Tests!,Burk Hufnagel

DEV3896 Maven: Taming the Beast,Roberto Cortez

DEV3905 SQL and NoSQL Convergence with Oracle Database 20c,Zhen Hua Liu

DEV3914 Quarkus in Real-World Deployments,Bruno Baptista

DEV3919 Broken Build Tools and Bad Behaviors: The Maven Story,Sharat Chander

DEV3920 GraalVM-Native Images: The Best Startup Solution for Your Applications,Christian Wimmer

DEV3922 Fantastic Data Consistency Techniques and Where to Find Them,Gordon Hutchison

DEV3937 Oracle JET Development: The Visual Approach,Venkatesh Puliur

DEV3945 What’s New in Java Security?,Bradford Wetmore

DEV3973 Oracle Cloud Infrastructure: Scripting with Command-Line Interface for DBAs,Robert Marz

DEV4031 Faster R with FastR by GraalVM,Stepan Sindelar

DEV4066 Moving Fast and Breaking Everything,Maurice Naftalin

DEV4074 JavaScript and Python Code in the Database with GraalVM and Multilingual Engine,Scott Lynn

DEV4084 Traversing and Querying Graphs with PGQL and Gremlin with Oracle Spatial and Graph,Sungpack Hong

DEV4110 MySQL 8.0 Enterprise Backup,Mike Frank

DEV4112 JavaFX 12 and Beyond,Kevin Rushforth

DEV4124 Getting Started with MySQLaaS,Airton Lastori

DEV4136 Fully Automated Release Processes for Go Projects,Benjamin Muschko

DEV4150 Java Packaging Tool: Create Native Installers to Deploy Java Applications,Kevin Rushforth

DEV4198 Securing Containers at the Speed of CI/CD: A DevSecOps Case Study,Omkar Anne

DEV4233 It’s Easy! Contributing to Open Source,Alexis Lopez

DEV4254 Collections Corner Cases,Stuart Marks

DEV4266 How Do I Test This Mess? Adding Tests to Existing Codebases,Scott Wierschem

DEV4274 Building Microservices with Project Helidon: Oracle’s New Java Framework,Michael Redlich

DEV4291 Building Skynet: Using JavaFX and Spring Boot for Autonomous Quadcopters,Bob Larsen

DEV4292 Query and Analyze Kafka Streams with Oracle SQL,Melliyal Annamalai

DEV4301 Rapid Prototyping with JavaFX,Jens Ehrke

DEV4329 Bringing It All Together: A Comparison of Service Mesh Solutions,Melissa McKay

DEV4459 G1 and ZGC: A Look into the Progress of Garbage Collection in Java,Mikael Vidstedt

DEV4480 Java Microservices Made Easy with JHipster, Istio, and Kubernetes,Deepu K Sasidharan

DEV4576 Fast, Efficient Jakarta EE for the Cloud,Alasdair Nottingham

DEV4609 Developing Secure .NET Applications with Oracle Database,Alex Keh

DEV4613 Application High Availability Best Practices and New Features,Nancy Ikeda

DEV4614 Reactive Streams Processing with a New Java Library, Helidon, and Microservices,Jean De Lavarene

DEV4621 Eliminate Application Downtime with Oracle Database and .NET,Alex Keh

DEV4622 Powerful JavaScript Applications for Oracle Database,Christopher Jones

DEV4624 Python: The New Favorite Programming Environment for Oracle Database Applications,Anthony Tuininga

DEV4625 Scalability and High Availability for Oracle Database Python Applications,Anthony Tuininga

DEV4626 Developing and Deploying Python and Node.js Applications in Docker,Christopher Jones

DEV4699 Oracle Database 19c for Developers,Chris Saxon

DEV4700 Ten Amazing SQL Features,Connor Mcdonald

DEV4702 Six Technologies, One Name: Flashback—Not Just for DBAs,Connor Mcdonald

DEV4703 Zero-Downtime PL/SQL Changes with Edition-Based Redefinition,Chris Saxon

DEV4741 Scaling Open Source R and Python for the Enterprise,Mark Hornick

DEV4742 Building Apps with an Autonomous Multimodel Database in the Cloud,Keith Laker

DEV4817 Introducing Oracle Cloud Infrastructure API Gateway,Kiran Prabhakar

DEV4857 Java Clients and JavaFX: The Definitive Guide,Jose Pereda

DEV4996 The Lean, Mean… OpenJDK?,Claes Redestad

DEV5181 The Story of an Oracle Application Express Upgrade That Went Terribly Wrong,Kamil Stawiarski

DEV5307 Practical DevOps with Linux, Virtualization, and Oracle Application Express,Simon Coter

DEV5352 Creating Distributed, Scalable, Stateful Microservices Deployed to Kubernetes,Aleks Seovic

DEV5354 Polyglot Google Remote Procedure Calls Microservices with Helidon and GraalVM,Aleks Seovic

DEV5356 Helidon Flies Faster on GraalVM,Peter Nagy

DEV5365 Nonblocking Database Access in Helidon SE,Dmitry Kornilov

DEV5376 Helidon MicroProfile: Managing Persistence with JPA,Laird Nelson

DEV5407 Java EE Becomes Jakarta EE: What This Means and How You Can Participate,Ed Bratt

DEV5644 Oracle Digital Assistant Architecture Patterns and Design Practices,Icaro Cruz

DEV5644 Oracle Digital Assistant Architecture Patterns and Design Practices,Icaro Cruz

DEV5644 Oracle Digital Assistant Architecture Patterns and Design Practices,Icaro Cruz

DEV5710 DevOps Theory Versus Practice: A Song of Ice and Tire Fire,Viktor Gamov

DEV5749 Oracle Linux and Oracle VM VirtualBox: Enterprise Development for the Cloud,Simon Coter

DEV5966 Python and MySQL 8.0 Document Store,Frederic Descamps

DEV5994 Build Code, Build Communities, Build Lives,Mattias Karlsson

DEV6000 Every Company Is… an Automation Company?,Bruno Souza

DEV6001 Flexibility, Lifestyle, and Balance: Benefits and Drawback of Remote Teams,Richard Fichtner

DEV6015 Duke’s Star Trek with Java 12 Code Challenges,Paul Webber

DEV6016 Getting Started with IoT: Physical Computing with Arduino and Java,Yusuke Yamamoto

DEV6018 MySQL Analytics for Credorax: Providing Next-Generation Banking Solutions,Ilknur Cansu Kaynak Kocberber

DEV6097 Simplifying NVIDIA GPU Access: A Polyglot Binding for GPUs with GraalVM,Rene Mueller

DEV6220 Out-of-the-Box MySQL 8.0 for Modern Node.js Applications,Rui Quelhas

DEV6221 MySQL Connector/J 8.0 Feature Review and How to Upgrade from Connector/J 5.1,Filipe Silva

DEV6244 Data Science for the Enterprise at Massive Scale,Alberto Polleri

DEV6323 Java/JDBC Scalability and Asynchrony: Reactive Extension and Fibers,Kuassi Mensah

DEV6482 Comprehensive Identity for Evolving Enterprises,Sudhakar Peddibhotla

DEV6645 NVIDIA GPU Acceleration of Autonomous Anomaly Detection for Dense-Sensor IoT Prognostics,Akshay Subramaniam

DEV6682 AgroScout: Revolutionizing Agriculture with Robotics and AI, Powered by Oracle Cloud Native Services,Akshai Parthasarathy

DEV6683 Disciplined Agile Product Development,Michael Goldverg

DEV6702 How the Location Cloud is Transforming Supply Chain,Sarath Menon

DEV6708 Using the Go Language for Efficient Oracle Database Applications,Anthony Tuininga

DEV6727 Busting Myths about Java Support from Oracle,Alexandra Huff

DEV6792 Intelligent Automation:What It Is,Why Developers Should Care, How to Get Started,Kumar Kandaswamy

DEV6794 DevOps Secret Weapon to Delivering Faster Time to Value: RPA,Brendan Foley

DIV5601 Deep Dive: Getting Started with the New Onboarding Experience in Oracle HCM Cloud,Amy Kust

DIV5602 Deep Dive: Introduction to Workflow Approval Processes in Oracle Financials Cloud,Cristian Ramirez

DIV5603 Getting Started and Maximizing Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence ,Cristian Ramirez

DIV6087 Java Streams and Lambdas: Powering Big Data Processing Using Java,Joe Greenwald

DIV6088 Distributed Data Architecture Using Application Containers and Container Databases,Ron Soltani

DIV6089 What You Gain and What You Give Up by Moving Your Database to the Cloud,Barbara Waddoups

DIV6091 Oracle GoldenGate for Big Data Overview,Randall Richeson

GEN5607 Oracle Speaks: Conversational AI for Enterprise Apps with a Chatbot Assistant,Suhas Uliyar

GEN5607 Oracle Speaks: Conversational AI for Enterprise Apps with a Chatbot Assistant,Suhas Uliyar

GEN5689 JD Edwards General Session: Your JD Edwards Journey,Robert Monahan

GEN6100 Oracle Cloud Suite for Utilities,Brian Bradford

GEN6150 Thriving in New Digital Marketplaces,Jason Rutherford

GEN6238 Public Sector General Session: Smart Connected Government,Mark Johnson

HOL1512 Infrastructure as Code: Oracle Linux, Terraform, and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure,Christophe Pauliat

HOL2225 Don’t Worry! How to Build a Data Lake in Oracle Big Data Service – BYOL,Sascha Hagedorn

HOL2244 Predict Your Own Facial Expressions – BYOL,Sascha Hagedorn

HOL3025 MySQL Performance Tuning: Perfect Scalability – BYOL,Mirko Ortensi

HOL3479 Hands-on Lab: Oracle Database In-Memory ,Andy Rivenes

HOL4650 Building Microservices Using Oracle Autonomous Database,Jean De Lavarene

HOL4720 Hands-on Lab: Oracle Multitenant,John Mchugh

HOL4722 Hands-on Lab: Oracle Big Data SQL,Martin Gubar

HOL4723 Hands-on Lab: Oracle Essbase,Eric Smadja

HOL4739 Hands-on Lab: Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse ,Hermann Baer

HOL4739 Hands-on Lab: Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse ,Hermann Baer

HOL4739 Hands-on Lab: Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse ,Hermann Baer

HOL4974 Pulling Analytics Data from Oracle Solaris Through the REST API,Joost Pronk Van Hoogeveen

HOL4992 Introduction to Oracle Data Catalog ,Robert Velisar

HOL4995 Introduction to Oracle Data Integration Service, a Fully Managed Serverless ETL Service,Julien TESTUT

HOL5257 Maximizing Oracle Database Performance Using Oracle Enterprise Manager 13c,Sriram Vrinda

HOL5259 Proactive Oracle Database Performance Management ,Arvind Maheshwari

HOL5262 Monitor and Diagnose Your Oracle E-Business Suite Applications,Avi Huber

HOL5263 Maximize Exadata Performance from SQL to Storage,Gp Gongloor

HOL5303 Secure Container Orchestration Using Oracle Linux Cloud Native (Kubernetes/Kata),Simon Coter

HOL5308 Set Up a Kernel-Based VM with Oracle Linux 7, UEK5, Oracle Linux Virtualization Manager,Simon Coter

HOL5312 Deploying Oracle WebLogic Applications to Kubernetes/Oracle Cloud Infrastructure,Monica Riccelli

HOL5318 Integrating Helidon and Oracle WebLogic on Kubernetes/Oracle Cloud Infrastructure,Maciej Gruszka

HOL5639 Compose Digital Assistant/Chatbot for Oracle SaaS Applications,Martin Deh

HOL5807 Oracle E-Business Suite Enterprise Command Center: Implementation and Customization,Muhannad Obeidat

HOL5995 Creating Trusted Supply Chain Networks with Oracle Blockchain Platform,Deepak Goel

KEY6320 Oracle Code One Keynote,Maria Colgan

PAN4653 Mission-Critical Workloads Are Moving to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure: This Is Why,Jim Battenberg

PAN4657 Cloud Adoption: Getting Everyone on Board Securely,Vince Di Piazza

PAN4658 Customer Panel: Successful Journeys to Autonomous Database Cloud,Peter Schutt

PAN4753 Cooperation in a Cause,Paul Andres

PAN4939 A Great Leap Forward: Oracle HCM Cloud Through the Lenses of Our Customers,Chinam Kry

PAN5005 Real-World Siebel CRM Case Studies Delivering Accelerated ROI,John Bedford

PAN5039 Customer Panel: Proven Business Success by Harnessing the Power of Oracle Cloud,Oommen Cherian

PAN5150 Oracle Coherence Customer Success Stories,Randy Stafford

PAN5174 Panel: Oracle Enterprise Manager Best Practices That Customers Actually Follow,Courtney Llamas

PAN5182 Meet the Developers Behind Project Helidon,Joe Dipol

PAN5184 Ask the Experts: Oracle WebLogic Server,Monica Riccelli

PAN5187 Ask the Experts: Improving Business Experiences with Oracle Coherence,Randy Stafford

PAN5284 Siebel CRM Customer Leadership Panel,George Jacob

PAN5333 Kohl’s Finance Transformation/Value Realization: Oracle ERP Cloud and Oracle EPM Cloud,Shrikant Vaidyanathan

PAN5338 Make Your PeopleSoft Customizations Update Safe,Matthew Haavisto

PAN5375 Innovating into the Future with Emerging Tech: Analyst and Startup Panel,Doug Henschen

PAN5416 Deloitte: Customer Stories ,Brian Ginsberg

PAN5426 Demystifying PaaS: Customer Perspectives and Success Stories ,Mark Kennedy

PAN5426 Demystifying PaaS: Customer Perspectives and Success Stories ,Mark Kennedy

PAN5426 Demystifying PaaS: Customer Perspectives and Success Stories ,Mark Kennedy

PAN5512 Fireside Chat: AI Success, Fact or Fiction?,William Briggs

PAN5528 Partner Perspective: Cloud Enablement and Strategies for Increased Certification,Mauro Schiavon

PAN5538 How PeopleSoft Customers Have Transformed Their Procure to Pay Process,Amira Morcos

PAN5559 Customers Present: Planning with Oracle EPM Cloud,Joe Harvey

PAN5561 Customers Present: Narrative Reporting with Oracle EPM Cloud,Al Marciante

PAN5561 Customers Present: Narrative Reporting with Oracle EPM Cloud,Al Marciante

PAN5562 Customers Present: Profitability and Cost Management with Oracle EPM Cloud,Don Bean

PAN5563 Customers Present: Oracle EPM Cloud in the Public Sector,Al Marciante

PAN5564 Peloton: Customer Stories ,Stephen Bowden

PAN5567 Connecting Strategy Through Execution with a Scalable EPM Cloud Solution,Daniel O’Keefe

PAN5628 Customer Panel: Business and Economic Benefits of Oracle Exadata Cloud at Customer,Jan Grønlien

PAN5629 Customer Panel: Oracle Exadata in Action ,Kenneth Winne

PAN5629 Customer Panel: Oracle Exadata in Action ,Kenneth Winne

PAN5629 Customer Panel: Oracle Exadata in Action ,Kenneth Winne

PAN5653 Enhanced Agility Realized with the Latest Siebel CRM Release,Subodh Patra

PAN5654 Gaining Industry Advantages with Siebel CRM Innovation,Sonia Wadhwa

PAN5655 User Experience Design for Siebel CRM: Improve Adoption and Productivity,Monica Adams

PAN5827 App Integration via Secure File-Based Transmission: Architectures and Use Cases,Michael Meiner

PAN5844 Using Process Automation and Integration to Manage Blockchain and B2B Transactions,Nathan Angstadt

PAN5860 Migrating PeopleSoft to the Cloud: Customer Panel,Tina Liu

PAN5931 Addressing the Challenges Facing Local Government ,Rebekah Jackson

PAN5942 Advancing Research with Oracle Cloud,David Ebert

PAN6099 Making Blockchain a Reality for Retailers and Brands,Gerald Poncet

PAN6141 5G Now or Never Moment for CSPs: Is Your IT Ready?,Andrea Canessa

PAN6234 Turning Data into Insights with Predictive Analytics,Celeste O’Dea

PAN6235 The Next Generation of Citizen Experiences Using Emerging Technologies,Franco Amalfi

PAN6236 Changing Landscape of Data Security and the Cloud ,Luca Martelli

PAN6329 Merchandising and 360-Degree Visibility,Rick Whicker

PAN6453 Build a Data-Driven Company with Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing,Navita Sood

PAN6542 Enterprises Choose Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to Power SaaS: Customer Panel,Justin Moore

PAN6542 Enterprises Choose Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to Power SaaS: Customer Panel,Justin Moore

PRO1720 Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning with the Cloud: Present and Future,Anthony Cossa

PRO2806 Virtual Desktops and Applications with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and Citrix,Steve Nelson

PRO3251 Securing Business-Critical Cloud Workloads: Threats, Implications, and Outcomes,Fred Kost

PRO3257 Oracle Cloud: How to ROCK Compute Infrastructure,Omair Gillani

PRO3259 Smart Strategies with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Storage,Ilker Temir

PRO3466 How to Prove That You’re Saving Money with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure,Phil Newman

PRO3489 What’s New in Oracle Blockchain Platform,Deepak Goel

PRO4521 Oracle Cloud Marketplace: A One-Stop Shop for Accelerating Your Digital Innovation,Kartik Santhanakrishnan

PRO4585 How to Create a Cloud Security Posture,Brian Pratt

PRO4679 Oracle HCM Cloud Strategy and Roadmap: Recruiting,Brett Tearney

PRO4727 Cloud Identity: Securing Resources in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure,Rob Franco

PRO4731 Optimizing Spend in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure: Five Ways to Save Money,Martin Sleeman

PRO4764 Oracle Multitenant: Best Practices for High Availability,Patrick Wheeler

PRO4770 Oracle Autonomous Health Framework: Deep Dive Database and Cluster Use Cases,David Hickson

PRO4774 Oracle Autonomous Health Service: For Protecting Your On-Premise Databases,Sandesh Rao

PRO4786 Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance: Expanding Integration with Oracle Cloud ,Javier Ruiz

PRO4864 Best Practices for Oracle Exadata Cloud Deployments,Jeffrey Kiely

PRO4867 Oracle Exadata Cloud at Customer: Data Security 101,Jeffrey Wright

PRO4869 Simplify High-Availability and Disaster Recovery with Oracle Database Appliance,Phil Stephenson

PRO4944 Mitigating Risk with Oracle Autonomous Database,Hamid Habet

PRO4969 Oracle Solaris: Lift and Shift to New Platforms,Joost Pronk Van Hoogeveen

PRO4970 Oracle Solaris: Continuous Observability of Systems and Applications,Rudolf Rotheneder

PRO4971 Securing and Simplifying Data Management with Oracle Solaris and ZFS,Cindy Swearingen

PRO4972 Oracle Solaris: Simple, Flexible, Fast Virtualization,Joost Pronk Van Hoogeveen

PRO4988 Oracle Data Integration Cloud: Data Catalog Service Deep Dive,Denis Gray

PRO4991 Oracle Data Integration Cloud: Introduction to Oracle Data Integration Service ,Julien TESTUT

PRO5003 Top Five Strategies to Optimize Support for Your Database and Apps Infrastructure,Tamara Laborde

PRO5029 Strategic Initiatives for PeopleSoft: What They Are and Why They Matter,Rebekah Jackson

PRO5093 Introduction to Oracle Customer Experience Unity Customer Intelligence Platform ,Steve Earl

PRO5143 Enterprise Java Roadmap: Oracle WebLogic Server, Oracle Coherence, and Helidon ,Will Lyons

PRO5217 Cloud Native, Lightning Fast, In-Data-Lake Analytics ,Srikanth Desikan

PRO5218 Just Add Code: Run Apache Spark the Serverless Way ,Carter Shanklin

PRO5223 Introduction to Oracle Data Science Cloud: Accelerated Data Science Python SDK,Daren Race

PRO5225 Deep Dive on Oracle Data Science Cloud,Elena Sunshine

PRO5299 Oracle Linux and Oracle VM VirtualBox: The Enterprise Cloud Development Platform,Simon Coter

PRO5301 Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Resource Manager,Uma Balasubramanian

PRO5324 Oracle Linux: A Cloud-Ready, Optimized Platform for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure,Julie Wong

PRO5328 New Features of the PeopleSoft Analytics Landscape,Matthew Haavisto

PRO5360 Achieve Automated Zero-Trust Security for SaaS Applications on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure,David Cross

PRO5363 Oracle Cloud Infrastructure: Under the Hood in Gen 2,Pradeep Vincent

PRO5406 Reimagine Financial Close in the Cloud,Nitish Mahajan

PRO5406 Reimagine Financial Close in the Cloud,Nitish Mahajan

PRO5411 EPM On-Premise Applications Update ,Al Marciante

PRO5436 Visitors to Customers with Hyperpersonalized Content,Kamal Kapur

PRO5489 PeopleSoft North American Payroll and Benefits Update and Roadmap,Anne Leung

PRO5493 PeopleSoft HCM Update and Roadmap: Innovative Solutions for Today’s HR,Robbin Velayedam

PRO5527 Launching Laser-Targeted Marketing Campaigns with Oracle DataFox and Eloqua,Alasdair Bailey

PRO5547 Emerging Technologies in Oracle EPM Cloud,Hari Sankar

PRO5552 Connected Planning: Align Plans and Decisions to Connect Strategy and Drive Growth,Marc Seewald

PRO5553 IT Financial Management with Oracle EPM Cloud,Don Bean

PRO5554 Fueling Growth with Zero-Based Budgeting,Edward Roske

PRO5555 Sales and Marketing Planning with Oracle EPM Cloud,Marc Seewald

PRO5556 Planning with Oracle EPM Cloud: What’s New, What’s Coming,Shankar Viswanathan

PRO5615 Create and Reward Your Best Customers with Commerce and Loyalty,Sonia Wadhwa

PRO5648 Warehouse on the Move: Anywhere / Anytime,Rajesh Ranabhor

PRO5652 Siebel CRM Strategy and Roadmap for Digital Transformation,George Jacob

PRO5691 Automating JD Edwards Business Processes,Anthony Schifano

PRO5693 JD Edwards: Your Journey to the Connected Enterprise,Anthony Schifano

PRO5695 Oracle Cloud and JD Edwards: Your Enterprise Platform,Jeff Erickson

PRO5696 JD Edwards and Oracle SaaS: Hybrid Cloud for Industry Success,Robert Monahan

PRO5698 JD Edwards Innovation: Journey to Continuous Business Process Improvement,Gary Grieshaber

PRO5701 The Latest Innovations in Emerging Technology,Tanu Sood

PRO5705 Leveraging Connected Data Across the Marketing Lifecycle,Robin Opie

PRO5706 Personalizing Digital Experiences Using Behavioral Insights,Kaushal Kurapati

PRO5730 Connect Your Supply Chain End-to-End with Oracle Integration,Jon Huang

PRO5731 What’s New in Supply Chain Collaboration and Visibility ,Matt Johnson

PRO5739 What’s New in Oracle Supply Chain Planning Cloud ,Vijay Pillarisetti

PRO5743 Oracle Manufacturing Cloud: What’s New and What’s Coming for Process Manufacturers,Elaine Wan

PRO5745 Oracle Maintenance Cloud: What’s New and What’s Coming for Asset Lifecycle Management,K C Kondibailu

PRO5769 State-of-the-Art Conversational Design: How to Design Great Chatbot Experiences,Richard Miller

PRO5776 Tomorrow’s Supply Chain, Today: Oracle Warehouse Management Cloud Update and Roadmap,Susan Flierl

PRO5777 Tomorrow’s Supply Chain, Today: Oracle Global Trade Management Cloud Update and Roadmap,Daniel Schoerner

PRO5778 Tomorrow’s Supply Chain, Today: Oracle Transportation Management Cloud Update and Roadmap,Srini Rajagopal

PRO5779 Tomorrow’s Supply Chain, Today: Oracle Channel Revenue Management Cloud Update, Roadmap,Alison Schofield

PRO5794 Trust and Visibility in Business Networks Using Oracle Intelligent Track and Trace,Michael Richter

PRO5804 Use Oracle Integration Hybrid Solutions to Smooth Your Journey to the Cloud,Antony Reynolds

PRO5805 Oracle Integration: Monitoring and Business Analytics on Autopilot,Antony Reynolds

PRO5820 Quality 4.0: Managing Risk with Oracle Quality Management Cloud,Gayle Hayes

PRO5848 Oracle Procurement Cloud: Overview, Strategy, and Roadmap,Ashishkumar Tibrewala

PRO5849 Oracle Project Portfolio Management Cloud: Overview, Strategy, and Roadmap,Liam Boyd

PRO5851 Propelling Professional Services Projects to Success with Oracle Cloud,Satya Anur

PRO5852 Driving Project Excellence with Oracle Cloud for Higher Education,John Kostecki

PRO5925 Automating the Machine Learning Pipeline ,Sam Idicula

PRO5932 Machine Learning Explainability ,Nipun Agarwal

PRO5940 Oracle Student Cloud: Progress Update and Technical Review of the Roadmap,Susan Beidler

PRO5952 Monetizing Products and Services with Subscription Billing,Chris Shutts

PRO6102 Value as a Service: How CX Helps Utility Companies Adopt New Business Models,Rajeev Tankha

PRO6543 Strategy and Roadmap for Oracle Data Integrator and Oracle Enterprise Data Quality,Jayant Mahto

THT1600 Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Automation Overview and Examples,Eli Schilling

THT2216 Migrating Database and Application to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure,Krishnakumar Kunka Mohanram

THT3001 Disaster Recovery Best Practices on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure,Changbin Gong

THT3029 Accelerating AI/ML with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Container Engine for Kubernetes,Changbin Gong

THT4682 Architecture for Machine Learning in Multitenant SaaS on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure,Edward Cheng

THT4738 Using Machine Learning and Oracle Autonomous Database to Target Your Best Customers,Charlie Berger

THT4743 Ask TOM: The Magically Changing Data Type,Chris Saxon

THT4743 Ask TOM: The Magically Changing Data Type,Chris Saxon

THT4745 Ask TOM: SQL Pattern Matching,Chris Saxon

THT4778 Ask TOM: How to Make and Test Your Application “Oracle RAC Ready”,Markus Michalewicz

THT4781 Ask TOM: How to Read an Execution Plan,Chris Saxon

THT4795 Ask TOM: An Assassin’s Guide to Database Homicide—Options for Killing Sessions,Connor Mcdonald

THT4796 Ask TOM: Proven Ways to Make Applications Slower and Less Secure,Connor Mcdonald

THT4798 Ask TOM: A Primer on the Best Oracle Database Feature Ever Invented,Connor Mcdonald

THT4818 The Changing Role of the DBA: Data Security for DBAs,Russ Lowenthal

THT4819 Learn How Secure Your Databases Are Using Oracle Database Security Assessment Tool ,Pedro Lopes

THT4914 The Changing Role of a DBA: Machine Learning for DBAs,Charlie Berger

THT4998 Align Your Past Skills with the New Capabilities of Oracle Database 19c,Jay Norton

THT5000 Oracle User Group Champions Program,Steven Wright

THT5001 Improving User Experience for Oracle Cloud Through Guided Learning,Paul Scott

THT5002 What Oracle Database Sharding Is and What It’s Used For,Ron Soltani

THT5006 The Security Value of Support,Christine Welnak

THT5007 What’s New in Oracle Hyperion 11.2,Samuel Chan

THT5008 Oracle Fusion Middleware Roadmap: See What’s New and What’s Coming,Christine Welnak

THT5009 Applications Unlimited: Oracle Premier Support Through at Least 2030,Christine Welnak

THT5011 Applications Unlimited: Oracle Premier Support Through at Least 2030,Christine Welnak

THT5012 Demo: Oracle Database New Features App ,Tamara Laborde

THT5013 Demo: Oracle Database New Features App ,Tamara Laborde

THT5014 Protect Your Database and App Infrastructure with Oracle Solaris Support,Tamara Laborde

THT5015 Oracle Platinum Services: Roadmap and Latest Developments ,Christiana Gwin

THT5016 Oracle Platinum Services: Roadmap and Latest Developments ,Christiana Gwin

THT5017 The Siebel Top 10 List: What You Should Know in 2019,Gregg Reno

THT5018 The Siebel Top 10 List: What You Should Know in 2019,Gregg Reno

THT5019 Oracle E-Business Suite Customer Support: Accelerating Your Business Success,Jon Whelan

THT5020 Oracle E-Business Suite Customer Support: Accelerating Your Business Success,Jon Whelan

THT5021 Maximize Your PeopleSoft Investment with Oracle Support,Samuel Chan

THT5023 Maximize Your PeopleSoft Investment with Oracle Support,Samuel Chan

THT5025 Get More from Your JD Edwards Investment with Oracle Support,Samuel Chan

THT5053 Oracle E-Business Suite: Kickstart Innovation with an Oracle Database 19c Upgrade,Don Masterson

THT5057 Analyze Oracle Database 19c SQL Tuning/SQL Performance Using SQLHC and SQL Monitoring,Soumendra Paik

THT5058 Deploying Oracle E-Business Suite Cloud Manager Using Docker and Exadata Cloud at Customer,Vasu Rao

THT5063 Best Practices: Troubleshooting Oracle Integration Cloud, Oracle Fusion ERP,Vinod Kumar Bhoj

THT5066 Accelerate Your Success on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure with Applications Unlimited Support,Jon Green

THT5069 Oracle Database Release Model and Upgrade Recommendations ,Jason Ulrich

THT5072 Oracle E-Business Suite Automation and Support in Oracle Cloud,Julio Maureira

THT5073 Effective Use of Pricing Discounts Within Oracle Order Management Cloud,Jagan Nori Nori

THT5074 Oracle Enterprise Manager on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure,Venkateswara Boddeti

THT5077 Fast Formula Type: Global Absence Plan Duration ,Venkat Guntupalli

THT5080 Get Proactive and Maximize Your Support Investment ,Denise Charleston

THT5081 Get Proactive and Maximize Your Support Investment ,Denise Charleston

THT5082 Oracle’s Twenty-First Century Support Experience,Denise Charleston

THT5083 Oracle’s Twenty-First Century Support Experience,Denise Charleston

THT5084 How to Manage Oracle Database Cloud Service Using Terraform ,Kiran Dhar

THT5090 Maximize Your Investment in Oracle Cloud,Paramita Chakraborty

THT5092 Modern Technology Adoption: Oracle Talent Acquisition Cloud Recruiting Fluid UI,Dawn Caldwell

THT5094 Monitor Oracle GoldenGate Environments Using Oracle Management Pack for Oracle GoldenGate,Sam Lourduswamy

THT5095 Oracle Engagement Cloud Business Intelligence Best Practices and Troubleshooting ,Priscila Terazawa Nakamura

THT5096 Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing Dedicated Service ,Ameet kumar Nihalani

THT5101 Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Management and Administration Using Command Line,Ameet kumar Nihalani

THT5103 Running E-Business Suite on Oracle Private Cloud at Customer,Vasu Rao

THT5109 Oracle Database 19c: SQL Tuning Using Plan Stability Methods SPM/SQL Quarantine,Soumendra Paik

THT5110 Supporting Your PaaS Migration to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure,Hemanth Kasibhatta

THT5114 Maximize Your Investment in Oracle Cloud,Paramita Chakraborty

THT5115 Oracle Fusion Time and Labor Cloud REST API: Setup, Sample Payloads, Best Practices,Venkat Guntupalli

THT5121 The Missing Piece to Your Oracle E-Business Suite Period Close Process,Jonathan Janaitis

THT5123 The New Oracle Monitoring and Advisory Service for Oracle Applications Unlimited,Michael Soulier

THT5126 The New Oracle Monitoring and Advisory Service for Oracle Applications Unlimited,Michael Soulier

THT5141 Understanding Security in Oracle Engagement Cloud,Nicoleta Chiru

THT5141 Understanding Security in Oracle Engagement Cloud,Nicoleta Chiru

THT5147 Understanding the Importance of Oracle E-Business Suite Analyzer Diagnostics ,John Khamissi

THT5151 Understanding the Importance of Oracle E-Business Suite Analyzer Diagnostics,John Khamissi

THT5162 Database Support Tools/Oracle Trace File Analyzer Collector: Diagnostics, Machine Learning,Bryan Vongray

THT5167 What You Should Know About Cloud Integration Options in Oracle Fusion Cloud,Saubik Bar

THT5289 Oracle Solutions: Reference Architectures and Integration Design Patterns,Don Biasotti

THT5293 Oracle Platinum Services Patching: Best Practices,Greg Wright

THT5313 Optimize Oracle E-Business Suite Performance with Oracle Management Cloud,Avi Huber

THT5317 Rapid Troubleshooting from End User to Root Cause with Full-Stack Visibility,Avi Huber

THT5320 Building Helidon Applications,Joe Dipol

THT5348 Oracle PaaS for SaaS Integration Design Patterns,Joshua Stanley

THT5417 Putting Visibility to Work: Optimizing Your Oracle Investments,Claudia Leite

THT5574 Training Strategies and Guided Learning to Optimize the Use of Oracle SaaS,Paul Scott

THT5577 Training Strategies and Guided Learning to Optimize the Use of Oracle ERP,Paul Scott

THT5579 Training Strategies and Guided Learning to Optimize the Use of Oracle CX,Paul Scott

THT5586 How to Use Learning Initiatives to Automate Assignments in Oracle Learning Cloud,Amy Kust

THT5587 How to Quickly Engage New Employees with Oracle HCM Cloud Onboarding,Amy Kust

THT5589 How to Set Up Revenue Price Profiles,Cristian Ramirez

THT5590 How to Create a User-Defined Infolet,Cristian Ramirez

THT5592 How to Adopt Modern Learning for the Modern Learner,D.J. Hoelscher

THT5637 Migrating Oracle E-Business Suite onto the Cloud,Nitin Jain

THT5638 DBaaS/Oracle Database Exadata Cloud Best Practices for Applications Unlimited in the Cloud,Naveen Calappurackal

THT5660 Continuous Delivery in the Cloud,Marc Verbeek

THT5787 EU Global Data Protection Regulation (GDPR): Person Data Removal Tool,Subbu Kuttetira

THT5789 Oracle E-Business Suite Enterprise Command Center in Action,Muhannad Obeidat

THT5862 Improve Customer Experience with Logistics Digital Assistants,Evelyn Mei

THT5882 How to Excite and Delight Your Customers with 3D Product Visualization,Lois Wortley

THT5883 Tips for Managing Pricing and Configuration Rules Across Multiple Sales Channels,Anil Tandon

THT6123 Oracle Application Development Framework: Create a RESTful Web Service,Joe Greenwald

THT6124 Java: Replace Anonymous Inner Classes with Lambdas,Joe Greenwald

THT6125 Java: Perform Filter-Map-Reduce,Joe Greenwald

THT6126 How to Monitor Lag with the Oracle GoldenGate Heartbeat Table,Randall Richeson

THT6127 Using Curl with the Oracle GoldenGate Microservices Architecture,Randall Richeson

THT6128 How to Use an Oracle GoldenGate Initial Load with a Big Data Target,Randall Richeson

THT6129 Configuring Safe Database Management by Enforcing Separation of Duties,Ron Soltani

THT6152 Value of Training for User Groups,Steven Wright

THT6153 The Value of Training ,Jay Norton

THT6154 The Real Value of Oracle Certification,Eva Chase

THT6155 How to Prepare for Your Oracle Certification,Eva Chase

THT6157 How to Get Started with the PeopleSoft Fluid User Interface,Steven Wright

THT6427 Container Workload Management on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure,Girish Ahuja

THT6429 The Modern Procure-to-Pay Experience ,Gena Alexander

THT6435 Future-Ready Supply Chain Operations: How Oracle Reimagined Its Supply Chain,Giovanni Schoordijk

THT6436 Expense Reporting Reimagined: Delighting Users One Transaction at a Time,Krithika Bhat

THT6438 Future-Ready Finance: ERP Cloud at Oracle,Alex SanJuan

THT6440 Reimagining the Close Process with Oracle ERP Cloud, EPM Cloud, and Analytics Cloud,Nayyar Siddiqui

THT6443 Developing the Future-Ready Finance Workforce ,Alicia Silverman

THT6444 Delivering the Future-Ready Supply Chain: IT Best Practices ,Vinay Deshmukh

THT6448 Agile Financial Planning and Analysis: Intelligent Forecasting and Long-Range Planning,Raju Krishnamoorthy

THT6449 Creating the Next-Generation Payroll Experience at Oracle ,Scott Gawel

THT6450 Oracle Finance’s Journey to the Cloud: Change Management and Lessons Learned,Alex SanJuan

THT6464 Analytics Best Practices: Wow Your Execs,Benjamin Arnulf

THT6468 The Future Is Bright for Oracle BI Applications: A Roadmap,Matt Bedin

THT6478 Your Opinion Matters: The Transformation of the Customer Discovery Experience,Sujith Abraham

THT6479 Your Opinion Matters: The Transformation of the Customer Buying Experience,Baki Yasar

THT6510 Artificial Intelligence: Tech Isn’t the Issue, It’s Us,Jeff Haynes

THT6519 Automation as a Service Happens at the Speed Demanded by Business Transformation,Ged Caldwell

THT6528 Anatomy of a Transformation: Transforming the Customer Buying Experience ,Josh Kamenecka

THT6530 Anatomy of a Transformation: Transforming the Expenses Experience ,Krithika Bhat

THT6539 Operating a Global Single Instance in the Cloud,Mike Moran

THT6556 Maximize Productivity with Territory Management,Eduardo Lorente

THT6564 Three Components of a Modern Finance Reporting Solution,Donald MacCormick

THT6577 Oracle’s Journey to Oracle HCM Cloud,Anje Dodson

THT6582 Case Study: How Rosendin Electric Reduced TCO with Oracle WebCenter,Satheesh Balakrishnan

THT6594 Humanity: Oracle-Integrated Employee Scheduling for the Enterprise,Jack Robinson

THT6608 Oracle Maximum Availability Architecture for the Oracle Database, Exadata, and the Cloud,Saurav Das

THT6609 Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Autonomous Transaction Processing ,Simon Law

THT6610 Exadata Performance Expert Tips and Tricks,Cecilia Grant

THT6613 Lease Accounting 2.0: Digitizing Your Entire Leasing Lifecycle,Michael Ramsey

THT6616 Automating Documentation for Hyperion / Oracle EPM Cloud with QUBEdocs™,Scott Felten

THT6623 Oracle SQLcl: The Modern Command Line Interface for Oracle Database,Jeff Smith

THT6630 Compliance Journey: The Good, The Bad, and The Unexpected,Anthony Cossa

THT6637 Managing and Monitoring an Autonomous Data Warehouse,Keith Laker

THT6648 Is Near-Instant Backup and Recovery in Any Cloud Possible?,Chandra Shekhar Reddy Kancharla

THT6649 Become a Database Hero: Provision Multi-TB Database Copies Almost Instantly for DevOps,Vijay Ramaswamy

THT6660 OPN: Differentiate with Oracle Security,Fred Kost

THT6669 Connectivity Matters for a Successful Migration to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure,Shan Ali Khan

THT6676 OPN: Chart Your Future in Data Management with the Path to Autonomous,Kiran Makarla

THT6684 HR Game Plan to Attract Talent and Maximize Your Work Opportunity Tax Credits Capture,Paul VanHuysen

THT6713 Grow Your Business with Oracle Application Express and Big Data,Rafal Stryjek

THT6747 GPU-Accelerated Active Analytics with Kinetica and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure,Daniel Raskin

THT6789 How Alliance Data Modernized Configuration Management with NoSQL and Couchbase,Karthik Vijayraghavan

TIP2742 Best Practices for Enterprise Workloads in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure,Karan Singh

TIP3492 Best Practices for Developing Advanced Blockchain Solutions,Deepak Goel

TIP4076 How Chaos Testing Makes Oracle Cloud More Reliable,Selva Neelamegam

TIP4213 Oracle Cloud Infrastructure: Onboarding, Getting Started, and Best Practices,Rachel Rose Stump

TIP4230 Oracle Cloud: Stellar Stability and Performance Through Proactive Analysis,Tulasiram Kodali

TIP4338 Diagnosing Issues in the Cloud,Stevan Malesevic

TIP4472 How to Control Resources in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, the Second-Generation Cloud,Martin Sleeman

TIP4701 Understanding Security Advisories and Identifying Mitigating Controls,Reshma Banerjee

TIP4787 Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance: Latest Practices from Oracle Development,Jony Safi

TIP4791 Secure Development in a DevOps and Cloud World,Uppili Srinivasan

TIP4807 Cyberdefense at Scale: Lessons from the Trenches of Securing Oracle’s Gen2 Cloud,Santosh Kandala

TIP4832 Top 10 Security Features You Might Not Be Using,Russ Lowenthal

TIP4847 Oracle Maximum Availability Architecture (MAA): Best Practices for Oracle Database 19c,Lawrence To

TIP4855 Best Practices for the Most Impactful Oracle Database 18c and 19c Features,Markus Michalewicz

TIP5064 Boost Your ROI: Learn to Identify the Right Resources for Your Business,Denise Charleston

TIP5104 Oracle Solaris Virtualization Best Practices: Learn to Love Your System Again,David Ryder

TIP5165 Utilizing the Best from Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance: On-Premise and in the Cloud,Madhusudhan Kondam

TIP5170 You Complete Me: Fully Utilizing Oracle Knowledgebase,Dave Thorp

TIP5253 How to Implement End-to-End Security in Your Cloud Infrastructure Today,Renato Ribeiro

TIP5255 Best Practices for Deploying Database and Java Services on Your Private Cloud,Renato Ribeiro

TIP5310 Maximize Performance with Oracle Linux ,Srinivas Eeda

TIP5371 Securing Your Cloud Applications with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Security Services,Vibhav Sreekanti

TIP5728 Accelerate Integration with Oracle SCM Cloud’s Built-in Web Services and B2B Messaging,Jack Desai

TIP5926 Oracle’s Journey to Oracle HCM Cloud,Anje Dodson

TIP5927 Oracle’s Journey to Oracle ERP Cloud: Establishing the Foundation ,Alex SanJuan

TIP5928 Oracle’s Journey to Oracle Procurement Cloud: Delivering Incremental Value,Gena Alexander

TIP6734 PL/SQL: Still the Best Data Access Language Ever Invented,Connor Mcdonald

TRN3023 Building and Deploying Microservices Applications with Oracle Functions,Changbin Gong

TRN3482 Oracle Database In-Memory: Tips and Tricks for Best Performance,Andy Rivenes

TRN4754 Introducing Oracle Graph Cloud: Automating Graph Analysis,Jayant Sharma

TRN4754 Introducing Oracle Graph Cloud: Automating Graph Analysis,Jayant Sharma

TRN4755 Graph Databases and Analytics: How to Use Them,Jean Ihm

TRN4756 Maps and Spatial Databases: How to Use Them,Siva Ravada

TRN4773 Oracle Autonomous Health Framework: For Rapid Resolution of Oracle RAC Issues,Bill Burton

TRN4842 Oracle GoldenGate: Securing the Microservices and Configuration Using REST APIs ,Jagdev Dhillon

TRN4843 Oracle GoldenGate for Big Data: Create Streaming Data Pipelines for Business Insight,Nick Wagner

TRN4844 Oracle GoldenGate Heterogeneous Product Suite: New Features and Best Practices ,Nick Wagner

TRN4845 Oracle GoldenGate: Auto Conflict Detection and Resolution for Active-Active ,Nick Wagner

TRN4848 Oracle Maximum Availability Architecture (MAA): Best Practices for Oracle Cloud,Brian Spendolini

TRN4849 High Availability and Sharding Deep Dive with Oracle Database 19c and Beyond,Wei Hu

TRN4862 Oracle Exadata Cloud at Customer: Technical Deep Dive and What’s Next,Manish Shah

TRN4866 Database Consolidation: Best Practices for Successful Resource Management,Sue Lee

TRN4866 Database Consolidation: Best Practices for Successful Resource Management,Sue Lee

TRN5056 Alternatives for BI Apps and Cloud Sources,Nelson Nolivos

TRN5060 Best Practices for Managing and Integration of Oracle Visual Builder Cloud,Siva Alapati

TRN5099 Oracle Blockchain Platform Integration with OAuth 2.0,Tapas Pramanik

TRN5106 PaaS/SaaS Security Architecture: SSO Config, Debug Using LBaaS and Oracle Identity Cloud,Gautam Singh

TRN5276 Custom Cost Reporting Solutions for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure,Phil Newman

TRN5277 Cloud Identity: Become an Expert on Authoring Policies for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure,Rob Franco

TRN5750 How to Implement Oracle HCM Cloud’s Newsfeed UX,Floyd Teter

TRN6106 Keep Your Cores Busy: Putting the Power of Parallel Streams to Work for You,Joe Greenwald

TRN6107 Clever Collectors: Using Java Streams Collectors to Produce Complex Reductions,Joe Greenwald

TRN6108 This May Feel a Little Strange: Functional Programming in Java ,Joe Greenwald

TRN6110 Monolithic or Maintainable: Migrating Legacy Applications to Java SE 9 Modules,Joe Greenwald

TRN6112 Oracle GoldenGate for Big Data Overview,Randall Richeson

TRN6113 Configuring Safe Database Management By Enforcing Separation of Duties,Ron Soltani

TRN6114 Options for Migrating an On-Premise Database to Oracle Cloud,Barbara Waddoups

TRN6122 Advanced Innovation of Oracle Database 12c and Oracle Database 18c: Better Data Management,Ron Soltani

TUT1329 Java Shell: Replacing Native OS Scripting with Power,Yahya Semaiyen

TUT1351 Fraud Detection with Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse and Oracle Machine Learning,Charlie Berger

TUT2070 MySQL InnoDB Cluster: High-Availability Tutorial,Miguel Araujo

TUT2500 Pragmatic Microservices in Kubernetes with MicroProfile,Ondrej Mihalyi

TUT2591 JUnit5: From @Test Up to Your Own TestEngine,Sven Ruppert

TUT2844 Mastering Java Performance with async-profiler,Andrei Pangin

TUT3090 Coding Your Way to Java 13,Sander Mak

TUT3612 How Well Do Relational Database Engines Support JSON?,Christian Antognini

TUT3781 Java 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13: What Have You Missed?,Henri Tremblay

TUT3894 From Zero to MicroProfile Hero: Let’s Dive into a Microservices World,Jean-Louis Monteiro

TUT4159 Kubernetes: Local Installation Methods and Kubernetes Internals for a Solid Java Base,Andreas Hochleitner

TUT4328 Using Graph Analytics for New Insights,Melliyal Annamalai


  1. Hi Connor, great stuff as always!. Appreciated. Do you know if something similar to the curl script for openworld materials exists for code one?. Thanks

  2. Thanks Connor!
    for linux users, if you have errors like:
    curl: (3) Illegal characters found in URL
    curl: (3) Illegal characters found in URL
    curl: (3) Illegal characters found in URL

    you can solve it with:
    $ sudo apt install dos2unix
    $ dos2unix
    $ ./
    % Total % Received % Xferd Average Speed Time Time Time Current
    Dload Upload Total Spent Left Speed
    100 2318k 100 2318k 0 0 1101k 0 0:00:02 0:00:02 –:–:– 1101k
    % Total % Received % Xferd Average Speed Time Time Time Current
    Dload Upload Total Spent Left Speed
    100 9459k 100 9459k 0 0 3659k 0 0:00:02 0:00:02 –:–:– 3659k

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