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Just a couple of weeks away, and my oh my, I am going to be busy at OpenWorld this year!

Of course, first cab off the block will be the OpenWorld swim! It it September and marvellously warm in San Fran, so what better year to come along and meet new friends, and get free coffee and donuts! Just grab a towel from the hotel and head down to the marina!


Register at the link below, so we know how many donuts to buy!!! Smile


Once we’re into the conference week, I’ve got some standard full length sessions, and the hot, quick, rapid-fire theatre style sessions for those with less patience! Here’s a peek at what I’ll be covering:

Ten Amazing SQL Features (session)

Sick and tired of writing thousands of lines of middle-tier code and still having performance problems? Let’s become fans once again of the database by being reintroduced to just how powerful the SQL language really is! Coding is great fun, but we do it to explore complex algorithms, build beautiful applications, and deliver fantastic solutions for our customers, not just to do boring data processing. By expanding our knowledge of SQL facilities, we can let all the boring work be handled via SQL rather than a lot of middle-tier code—and get performance benefits as an added bonus. This session highlights some SQL techniques for solving problems that would otherwise require a lot of complex coding.

The Best Database Feature Ever Invented (theatre)

For more than 20 years, the single feature that has set Oracle Database apart from all others is its “read consistency” implementation. We’ve all heard the mantra: Readers don’t block writers; writers don’t block readers. But such flexibility can lead developers down a rabbit hole of performance problems, incorrect code, and a corrupted data. This session peels back the covers on the most amazing feature that the database has ever had.

How to guarantee Slower and Less Secure Applications (theatre)

No matter how sophisticated the framework, at the very center of it, you are most probably doing data access with SQL. Do that right, and your application has a great chance of being a success. But what if you don’t like your job? What if you are looking for a change? This session covers the worst SQL processing approaches to make sure that you’ll be out of a job, and your company out of business in record time.

The Assassins Guide (theatre)

Kill someone’s session and they might lose vital data and/or their temper. But that’s not your fault right? After all, they were the ones slamming the server or locking other people out. But perhaps there are better methods at your disposal. This short session gives you a range of other options to harmlessly dispose of those pesky server killers.

Flashback – not just for DBAs (session)

Everyone thinks of Oracle Flashback as just for those “Oh no!” moments. But it is time for re-think. With the modern development paradigms of test-driven development, continuous integration and rapid deployment, Flashback might be the perfect technology for developers not just DBAs.


And of course, there will be fresh new look AskTOM stickers for your phone and laptop, so please come say “Hi” before or after sessions.


Ssshhhhh…. Bonus session coming!

Yes…it is still in planning, but with any luck, I will get even another session to share with you all!

See you at OpenWorld !!!

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