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Generally my blog is just snippets of tech content that take my interest as I encounter them (most commonly when looking at AskTOM). If I think they’ll be useful, I’ll just plonk them out right there and then. If you prefer your content in longer (and more structured Smile) form, then also I publish longer form articles on Oracle Magazine every couple of months. Below is a consolidated list of my articles. I’ll try to keep this list updated as I add new ones.

Old Dog, New Tricks, Part 2
Here’s a new SQL syntax for hierarchy processing.

Improved Defaults in Oracle Database 12c
The new DEFAULT clause provides better values for getting started and better performance.

Excellent Extensions
New features in Oracle Database 12c Release 2 make external tables even more flexible.

Tighter PL/SQL and SQL Integration
PL/SQL functions perform better in SQL in Oracle Database 12c.

All Aboard the SQL*Loader Express
A new processing mode takes the hassle out of dealing with flat file loading.

Long and Overflowing
LISTAGG in Oracle Database 12c Release 2 solves the problem of excessively long lists.

Assume the Best; Plan for the Worst
Here’s a technique for delivering better performance through optimistic code programming.

A Fresh Look at Auditing Row Changes
Triggers can provide auditing information, but there’s a future in flashback.

Better Tools for Better Data
New functions in Oracle Database 12c Release 2 solve data validation challenges.

Unintended Side Effects
Ensure that the code you write does not create problems elsewhere in your applications.

Write in a Read-Only Database
Run reports and DML against your standby database with Oracle Active Data Guard.

Open for Exchange
FOR EXCHANGE in Oracle Database 12c Release 2 takes the detective work out of partition exchanges.

Are We All on the Same Page?
Pagination of data can make (or break) your database.

Old Dog, New Tricks
Take advantage of SQL extensions for hierarchy processing.

A Higher-Level Perspective on SQL Tuning
The commonly missed first steps of tuning a SQL statement

A Higher-Level Perspective on SQL Tuning part 2
Next in the series on SQL tuning, how to find problematic SQL


  1. Hi

    Question about Your article old dogs …

    Can recursive cte used with outer apply so that ‘starting with’ phase is referencing columns form main sql-statement ?


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