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My last post was about patching my home databases from 18.3 to 18.5 on Windows, and how I encountered a patch conflict when I tried to patch the JVM. I thought I’d give a little bit of info for anyone who runs into patch conflicts from time to time. It can be stressful especially if unforeseen, or you are in the middle of limited time outage window etc.

So before you jump into applying a patch, a nice little tool you might like to explore is the patch conflict checker on My Oracle Support. You can get it via:

It is straightforward to use, you simply fill in the platform and your current patch inventory details, and then list out the patches you intend to apply.



One caveat – the online tool does not work with Windows environments Sad smile but you can get around that by downloading the patches you intend to apply to your local machine. Then you can use opatch itself to perform that check:

opatch prereq CheckConflictAmongPatchesWithDetail -phBaseDir path

where “path” is where you have unzipped the patch to.

Like all patching activities, the more preparation work you can do before actually commencing the work, the more likely your chances of not encountering a sticky moment during the work.

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