My APEX 18.2 upgrade in a nutshell

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As always, you should read the Installation/Upgrade manual from top to bottom before upgrading any piece of software, and be aware of all of the pre-requisites and processes.  But for me, my Application Express 18.2 upgrade was as simple as:

  • Download Application Express
  • Unzip to my target location
  • sqlplus / as sysdba
    • SQL> @apexins.sql SYSAUX SYSAUX TEMP /i/
  • Go to my ORDS installation
    • java -jar ords.war validate
  • sqlplus / as sysdba
    • SQL> @apex_rest_config.sql

And voila! A freshly upgraded Application Express in a matter of minutes…




  1. I am installing 18.2 but on running script apex_rest config.sql it tries to grant on old apex_050000 user which I haven’t got as my user is apex_180200, how silly of me to assume consistency of naming. 😒

  2. i get this error after upgrad while loading page

    The files for version have been loaded, but is expected. Please verify that you have copied the images directory to your application server as instructed in the Installation Guide.

  3. Upgraded from 4.2 to 19.1 but the layout comes out all jumbled. The horizontal menu based on a list becomes a vertical menu with no css and all other widgets also does not have css styling. Do you perhaps know what I did wrong?

    1. Make sure you copied the images directory as per the upgrade instructions. (Mine was an inplace upgrade when I unzipped so that was taken care of automatically). And make sure you ran the ORDS validate stage. I’ve had similar issues in the past and this has fixed it.

      Good luck!

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