Buzzword Bingo

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Looking for that catchy title for your next presentation ?

I took the first word from the title of 1000 Oracle OpenWorld presentations, and looked for patterns Smile.  I omitted some obvious terms that are either products or definite/indefinite articles:

  • Oracle
  • Peoplesoft 
  • The
  • How 
  • OAUG
  • General
  • MySQL

And here is what we end up with:

SQL> select buzz, count(*)
  2  from buzz
  3  group by buzz
  4  order by 2 desc;

BUZZ                                                                                                   COUNT(*)
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------
Building                                                                                                     18
Customers                                                                                                    14
Best                                                                                                         13
Digital                                                                                                      11
Migrating                                                                                                    10
Getting                                                                                                      10
Accelerate                                                                                                    8
Modernize                                                                                                     8
Implementing                                                                                                  7
Data                                                                                                          7
Transforming                                                                                                  6
Extend                                                                                                        6
Identifying                                                                                                   6
Managing                                                                                                      6
Achieving                                                                                                     6
Leveraging                                                                                                    5
Making                                                                                                        5
Creating                                                                                                      4

So there you go…All the verbs and adjectives you need for a successful presentation Smile

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