Oracle Database 12c Release 2 is here !

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Since OpenWorld 2016 when we first saw some of the cool features in Oracle Database 12c Release 2, many IT professionals out there have been exploring the release via our various cloud offerings, but if your organization has not yet embraced the cloud, then March 2017 is a great month for you !  Because you can now download the latest and greatest release of our database from the usual downloads page, and run it on your own servers in your own data centre.

Of course, there’s a difference between downloading and installing the software, and being up to speed with all of the great features that have come in 12c and 12c Release 2 so keep an eye on my blog, and on my YouTube channel.

Over the coming weeks I’ll be talking about lots of the new features in 12.2 in a short easy to digest videos to help you appreciate all of the goodness that is 12c Release 2 Smile

To whet your appetite, how cool is this simple enhancement to SQL Plus – command history !

SQL> history
  1  select * from dba_users where username = 'SYSTEM';
  2  select count(*)
     from dba_tables
     where table_Name like 'A%';
  3  select * from tab;
  4  show sga
  5  set timing off
  6  select * from dba_tablespaces;

SQL> history 4 run

Total System Global Area 1048576000 bytes
Fixed Size                  8795840 bytes
Variable Size             251660608 bytes
Database Buffers          784334848 bytes
Redo Buffers                3784704 bytes


  1. Does this mean that we will also soon have a Windows 64-bit version available for download ?

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