Haversine PL/SQL

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I didn’t see a PL/SQL version on https://rosettacode.org for the Haversine formula so here’s a version for anyone that needs it.

SQL> create or replace
  2  function p2p_distance(
  3              p_latitude1 number,
  4              p_longitude1 number,
  5              p_latitude2 number,
  6              p_longitude2 number) return number deterministic is
  7    earth_radius  number := 6371;
  8    pi_approx     number := 3.1415927/180; 
  9    lat_delta     number := (p_latitude2-p_latitude1)*pi_approx;
 10    lon_delta     number := (p_longitude2-p_longitude1)*pi_approx;
 11    arc           number := sin(lat_delta/2) * sin(lat_delta/2) +
 12                                 sin(lon_delta/2) * sin(lon_delta/2) * cos(p_latitude1*pi_approx) * cos(p_latitude2*pi_approx);
 13  begin
 14    return earth_radius * 2 * atan2(sqrt(arc), sqrt(1-arc));
 15  end;
 16  /

Function created.

SQL> select p2p_distance(36.12, -86.67, 33.94, -118.4) from dual;



  1. Hello Connor,
    I want to suggest a tiny correction for pi, it seems, has to be 3.141593, i.e. last number is 3 instead of 7.

  2. Hey Connor, I think your π approximation is fine being 3.1415927, it’s closer than what lurii suggests at 3.141593. You’ve just used 7 places instead of 6. π = 3.141592653589 10 12 dec places.

  3. Thanks for the code, Connor.
    Possibly a textbook case for optimisation by using SIMPLE_DOUBLE rather than NUMBER throughout, and also to consider native compilation on top of that. I had a similar case a few years ago, and using SIMPLE types gave a HUGE improvement.

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