Happy birthday to …. well … us :-)

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Last year on September 1, the AskTom site was resurrected under Apex 5 with myself and Chris Saxon manning the fort to deliver as much value to the Oracle community as the esteemed previous custodian of the site did in the many years preceding us.

In the last year, we have

  • answered ~2,500 questions
  • taken and followed up on ~3000 reviews

It’s great fun and very rewarding working on the AskTom site.  We get to participate in the ever growing Oracle community, and it is like “free training” for Chris and I – we get to learn new things every day.

So I hope you’re getting as much value out of the site as we are.  We have plans to continue the site’s evolution to yield even more value in future.




  1. Cheers to both of you and keep up with the good work :):)

    Remember that we all are here to follow-up and support as much as we can :):)

    I am sure that Tom Kyte is proud of all what you are doing 🙂 🙂

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