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AskTom has been answering questions from the user community for nearly 16 years.

But what if that service could have an even more personal touch ?  We are pleased announce the largest advance in AskTom service since it started way back in 2000.

See all the details in the video below for the new service we are launching on April 1st.


  1. Hello Connor,

    Glad to hear AskTom is improving.
    I have a complex issue for which I opened SR 3-10904426351 in the past.
    There were a lot of discussions in this SR and I even raised the severity up to 1 for a short time.
    I’m still unsatisfied with this resolution.
    As for me, it’s a serious limitation of EBR technology.
    I’d like to reanimate that problem on AskTom if you don’t mind.
    I hope you won’t tell us to open a new SR.

    Best regards,
    Mikhail Velikikh.

  2. dear sir ,
    please answer this question sir

    create table fromtable (col1 number(17), col2 number(17) );

    create table fromtable (col1 number(17), col2 number(17) );

    insert into fromtable ( col1,col2 ) values (17100617100650001, 17100617100650100 );

    run all sql in HR schema
    step 1
    run above script one by one
    now the table will be created as follows

    col1 col2
    17100617100650001 17100617100650010

    totable ( empty table)
    col1 col2

    step 2

    Create script as follows

    Script Name :test.sql

    i number;
    exprec fromtable%rowtype;
    cursor c1 is select *from fromtable where col1 = 17100617100650001;
    open c1;

    fetch c1 into exprec;

    exit when c1%notfound;

    for i in exprec.col1 .. exprec.col2


    insert into totable(col1) values(i);

    end loop;
    commit work;
    end loop;
    close c1;

    The output should be as follows

    col1 col2
    17100617100650001 null
    17100617100650002 null
    17100617100650003 null
    17100617100650004 null
    17100617100650005 null
    17100617100650006 null
    17100617100650007 null
    17100617100650008 null
    17100617100650009 null
    17100617100650010 null

    when run the sql

    Sql> @ drive name :\test.sql

    eg : Sql> d:\test\test.sql ;

    err message : Numeric overflow

    Note : When executing

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