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On AskTom, obviously you’re are going to be posting code and/or code output.  It’s probably going to be the most vital part of the question’s test case so that we can help you out.

So please dont forget the “<code>” and “</code>” tags around your question.

Otherwise we get this – it’s all wrapped and very hard to digest.  That’s a sure fire way for us to go “Yup… I might come back to that one later” Smile



  1. My problem with AskTom is not so much the formatting. The hard part is the login.
    Whenever I submit my login I get
    “Error occurred while painting error page: ORA-20876: Stop APEX Engine”

    Then I call again and sometimes I’m logged in successfully, sometimes I have to call the page again 🙂

    (FF latest version and IE 11)


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