Resolutions for 2016

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I remember at one of the first Mathematics lectures I attended at University, the lecturer demonstrated some principle (which I don’t recall, and certainly wouldn’t even comprehend now Smile ), and then turned and said to the class: “Now THAT is a pretty exciting result”.

Being fresh out of high school, and like most teenagers, thinking we were all so cool and hip, most of the class laughed. After all, how nerdy do you have to be to get excited about math !?

Our lecturer paused, put down his chalk (yes, in those days it was chalk), and spoke to us:

“You all CHOSE to do a mathematics degree.  And you are in a mathematics class.  And yet, you think it’s embarrassing to be excited by mathematics.  I feel so sorry for you.  A great life is one where you pursue the things that excite and inspire you.  You’ve chosen this mathematics degree, and yet you are not excited by the subject – what a waste.  Such a shame.”

That lesson stuck with me far more than any mathematics theory we subsequently studied.  And so my resolution for 2016 is simple.  I want all of us to be excited by SQL, to be excited by database technology, and to be excited to discuss it, to debate it, and to build wonderful systems with it.  That’s why our Developer Advocate team exists – to show that passion and excitement about database technology isn’t an “uncool” thing – its a wonderful thing.


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