KISS video series for Analytic functions

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Analytic functions still bamboozle many SQL practitioners out there.  So I’m building a suite of videos to walk people through some of the common questions we get asked that we need to solve with SQL, and look at how we can often solve them most simply using Analytic functions.

It will all be based on the KISS principle – Keep It Simply SQL, as it pertains to understanding the Analytic syntax.

You can find my introductory video here, with more to come as we solve problems simply with (analytic) SQL.  There is also an “Analytics” playlist on my channel, which will grow each time I add a new video.

I hope you enjoy it – and feel free to comment or offer feedback.



  1. Dude! I was just about to start a series of analytic functions videos based on my presentation. I’m sure my spin on it will be different to yours, but maybe I should wait a few weeks before releasing mine… 🙂

  2. Analytics is one of the least used “free” options in Oracle, mostly because its use and opportunity is rarely if ever thoroughly documented.
    The difference they can make to performance is nothing short of astounding.
    Without a doubt one of the best kept “secrets” of Oracle performance, and long overdue for some detail treatment.
    Don’t care which one of you guys do it, or if both do this. Just get it out there.
    (personally, I’d prefer both as it’s bound to have different angles that will make it even more interesting)
    Using my best FB-ese: (Y) (Y) (Y) (Y)

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