Apex upgrade 4.2 to 5.0.2

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Just a quick note for anyone upgrading Apex on their systems.

The installation (into a non-multitenant instance) went through with no problems, but tracing the installation suggests it will flush the shared pool 6 times during installation/upgrade.

That might have some impact on other applications/sessions running on that database, so best to find a quiet time to do it.


  1. Connor,

    I can assert that there is *nothing* in APEX which directly flushes the shared pool. Why would it? There are some procedures invoked in the SYS.DBMS_REGISTRY package during APEX installation which may cause the equivalent of a recompile of all invalid database objects, but I’m not aware of those procedures flushing the shared pool.

    If you have evidence of the shared pool being flushed 6 times during an APEX installation, could you please share the call stack and/or reason for this suspected flush of the shared pool?



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