1. Hey Connor,

    I remember seeing this metaphor in one of your older presentations (around 400 sildes, main point were 11g migration issues I think), which was basically just a photo of a toilet and the latch. I just burst into laughter even though I was on a train atm. It stuck with me, up to a point where now when I see a latch problem I immediately get a picture of a public toilet in my head. So yeah, it is an excellent metaphor. 🙂

    By the way, I love these short blog posts you’ve been writing. I read them even though I don’t usually learn anything new from them, simply because they’re fun to read. Where someone else (including me) would need 5 pages to explain something, you only need a few paragraphs and a good example. And that’s very inspirational to me.


  2. So what is up with all that “spinning” / waiting for a latch….

    I can only think of someone outside the toilet. pacing around while holding his urgent need…

  3. Interesting metaphor ;). An ‘autonomous transaction’ comes to mind 😉 As well as a ‘blocking lock’, so we would need ‘a plumber’. And what if one acquires a lock and ends up in an infinite loop with a WHEN OTHERS THEN NULL?

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