Avoiding public embarrassment with triggers

If you create a trigger that does not compile, any part of your application that refers to the table with the invalid trigger is basically dead until that trigger becomes valid. Even if a DML on that table is not going affect any rows, you still wont be able to issue it. For example,

SQL> delete from T where 1=0;
delete from T where 1=0
ERROR at line 1:
ORA-04098: trigger 'TRG' is invalid and failed re-validation

That’s a bad bad place for your application…and a bad bad place for your career Smile

In 11g and above, you can avoid this using the DISABLE keyword every time you create a trigger

All triggers should be created as:

create or replace
trigger MY_TRIGGER

If the trigger is created and compiled successfully, then you can enable it.

alter trigger MY_TRIGGER enable

If the trigger for some unforeseen reason does not compile, it is disabled, and hence, the failed compilation will not break your application.

Make it a coding standard for your database developers.

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