Oracle Developer awards…chosen by Developers

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I was reading the following post today

Oracle are planning on rewarding developers in the following areas:

  • SQL
  • PL/SQL
  • Oracle REST Data Services
  • Oracle Application Express
  • Database Design

At first glance I had a bit of a cynical view…it could easily be one of those things where if you come from a company that has massive investment in Oracle, then surprise surprise you float to the top of the heap.

But this part of the post caught my eye:

Nominations come from the community (you).
Panels of ACEs decide on a set of finalists.
Winners are determined by popular vote (that is, by you).

I think that appeals much more to the developer community.  We all know those developers in our midst who are either standouts with their knowledge, or just standouts because they’re so keen to help us when we hit a problem.  This is a nice way to recognise them, especially those that fall into the latter category – those developers that contribute to our community without necessarily being “the best of the best”.

So check it out here and hopefully it will be the start of a nice tradition.

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