You never stop learning

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My mate Scott Wesley, whose specialty is Apex, is currently at Kscope having the time of his life (well, I hope so Smile).  He tweeted this picture last night of his conference badge, mainly about the “I love Apex” buttons, but something else struck me.



Take a look at the last two ribbons attached to his badge.  I’ve known Scott for many years, and was even fortunate enough be a  mentor of his for awhile.  He’s a sharp dude, and is probably one of the best Apex resources locally in Australia and abroad.  This is why you see the deserved Oracle Ace designation.  But its his first Kscope, so he also gets the “newbie” ribbon. That reinforces the fact that no matter how much experience you have, no matter how much knowledge you have, there are always new things to learn, new things to explore, to continually expand your horizons as an Oracle professional.

So … try to keep a virtual badge on a virtual lanyard around you’re neck as you go about your working day.  It should always contain a “newbie” ribbon – so you’re always finding new challenges.


  1. I am indeed having fun, and I am most certainly learning!

    While Australia is big, and I’ve been involved in some great projects, there are so many more things to learn from others here at Kscope. Just this afternoon I attended a session on websockets – something I’ve never done but I see great potential for, and Alex & Alan provided the best demo ever using a lego mindstorm. Really guys? Controlling a mechanical device from the database?

    Everybody learned in that session, even the two presenters.

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