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After the last 16 years in the contracting and consulting world, for dozens of clients in Australia and other countries around the world, its time for a change of direction.  Whilst doing work with Oracle systems has always been (and continues to be) rewarding, I realised that a lot of the motivation for being at client sites was the sharing of information with developers and DBA’s at those clients so they could get the most out of their Oracle investment.  Similarly, its really cool to speak at conferences to let people explore the Oracle technology in perhaps way they had not thought of, and similarly, blogging about features and idiosyncracies that we stumble upon.  Whatever the medium (and even whatever the technology, whether it be Oracle or otherwise), the concept of an “IT community”, ie, people being keen to share, debate, and discuss has always been one of the things I like about my profession.

So with that in mind…I’ve taken a new role with Oracle Corporation which hopefully will extend this even further.  I’ll be part of the Developer Advocate group, with the aim of helping people get the most out of their Oracle investment, in particular, showing how resilient and powerful the SQL language continues to be.  And hopefully we’ll also attract people unfamiliar with SQL to embrace it rather than fear it Smile


  1. Congrats Connor, I’m sure you will make a fantastic developer advocate. I always enjoyed your informative yet entertaining in-house presentations aimed at educating developers about using database technologies, and you were one of two people whom I learned the most from during my software career – and one of the very few humans whose technical ability I actually respected.

    All the best for what your future holds.

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