Analytics Demo Scripts

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Video 2: Ranking rows

Video 3: More options for ranking rows

Video 4: Using the Tabibitosan method for grouping sets of rows


Video 6: Dealing with NULLS

Video 7: Analytics as predicates

Video 8: The partition clause

Video 9: Aggregation with partitions

Video 11: The window clause

Video 12: More on the window clause

Video 13: The RANGE option in the Window clause

Video 14: FIRST_VALUE / LAST_VALUE for Windows

Video 15: NTH_VALUE for Windows

Video 16: Handling nulls in Windows

Video 17: Dynamic windows

Video 18: Lag and Lead

Video 19: Lag and Lead extensions

Video 20: Removing the duplicates!Aifh7VuM9I2xgQDClpz16T2QvAFo

Video 21: TOP-N queries!Aifh7VuM9I2xgQm8eqdtQ1ZykvVJ

Video 22: Grouping ranges re-visited

Video 23: In-list processing

Video 24: Concatenating strings

Video 25: A closer look at LISTAGG

Video 26: The KEEP clause

Video 27: Hypothetical analytics and ratios

Video 28: PIVOT and UNPIVOT

Video 29: Partitioned outer join

Video 30: Frequent itemsets!Aifh7VuM9I2xfJvMsuP5A6hCEa0


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