AUSOUG conference Perth

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The annual two day AUSOUG conference in Perth is well underway, and so far, its been a wonderfully successful event. In particular, we Australians are notorious for not really getting into the networking thing, so conferences often have a lot of ‘awkward silences’ when sessions are not on, and we are meant to be (god forbid) *talking* to each other 🙂

But this year has been different. Lots of banter, lots of discussion. Also, the AUSOUG committee got it exactly right this year. The venue is just the right size, the rooms are the right size, the timings of the sessions and transit times were spot on. It is a real credit to them – it shows how much they are listening to the speakers and attendees feedback.

I had a couple of talks, which I’ll slideshare in the next couple of days, and we also had plenty of good talks as part of the OTN tour from Tim Hall, Bjorn Rost, Craig Shallamer. Penny Cookson, Jeff Kemp and Chris Muir rounded off the talks I saw.

So if you’re ever in Perth around conference time – put it on your calendar. Its well worth it. (

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