12c install on Windows

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This is not a complete how-to, because I do not think its warranted…you pretty much click Next Next Next (which in itself is a credit to the product)

But one thing to note – on the few machines I’ve installed it on, the installer gets to 100% and then just sits there for a LONG time.

If you click on the “Details” button, you’ll see the location of the installer log.  The long pause is in the “Saving Inventory” phase…

So my advice is – just be patient.  It will (eventually) get to the “Installation finished” message 🙂


  1. We have the largest installation of ORACLE 12C On windows 8 Terra , Win 2008 R2 and thousands of odp.net clients via Microsoft WIN 2008 R2 HPC working intensively with this database using Database And ODP.NET tuning advanced techniques
    I will glad to share mine Oracle 12c install on Windows and advance database and application tuning techniques .

  2. The delay at the “Saving Inventory” phase seems to still be occurring with Oracle 12.2. On my notebook, running Windows 10 Professional, it waited for around an hour but did finally finish without error.

  3. I’m firmly of the belief that this has something to do with permissions and this ridiculous new “choose a user” option over the original just run everything as local system. Where you have waited do you currently have other Oracle products installed?

    1. I’m currently having this issue with a clean install. Did it end up working for you? if so, how long did you wait?

      1. I never really go to the bottom of it. I “walked away” and came back and eventually it was done.

        If you *really* get stuck ( and I have not tried this), there is are attach/detach facilities in the installer, where you have an existing software installation and you want to add it to the inventory, ie

        ./runInstaller -silent -attachHome ….

        (check the docs/google for full command line).

        But you could potentially kill the install, and then run a detach then an attach. But yeah….I can’t say I’ve tried it

  4. Hi Connor!

    Today I uncovered EXACTLY WHY the 12c Installer (OUI) appears to HANG at 89% at the “saving inventory” step 9 of 10 !!! If you are providing an ORACLE_BASE folder that already contains subfolders and files under it, the OUI starts assigning Windows ACL file-permissions to EVERY FILE and FOLDER under the ORACLE_BASE folder! I discovered this by trying several times with the GUI Installer, and getting HUNG for HOURS at 89% and finally having to kill the install, but then I ran a Silent Install and watched the console window for every command being executed by the OUI. At the “saving inventory” step, it showed thousands of files being assigned ACL permissions under the many other folers I had under the ORACLE_BASE folder. This server was one where the C: drive crashed, so we had to reinstall the RDBMS software (and latest CPU patches) to bring the databases back online under a re-installed ORACLE_HOME. So the SOLUTION IS: If you have files and folders already under the target ORACLE_BASE folder you will be installing into from the OUI, then first move ALL files and folders into an F:\ORABACK folder (or similar appropriately-named “backup” folder, on the same drive or even on a different drive), then you will see the GUI Installer complete the entire RDBMS install in a very short time, with a very short wait at 89%. Mine finished in 15 minutes on a Windows 2016 server, Oracle vanilla install.

    Best regards,
    Ernie Kalwa, BMath, OCP, MCP

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